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Acrylic on Canvas
by Logan Walden

“Another day, another dollar. This cup of coffee is my only solace in the mornings. I have 20 minutes of peace before the office beams me to my cubical. If you can call air taxies and toxic air peace. The pollution does make a pretty sunrise though. I wonder how delicious authentic Columbian coffee tasted?”


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He seems to be the verified artist complete with proof and everything. I think this is a mistake.

Damn, that's a genius name for this awesome painting. :D

Thank you! haha. I'm quite proud of the pun and it's deeper message.

Welcome back, btw! :)

I love the depth effect of the painting, the truth is that the amount of details is amazing, the sun in the background, the clouds against the light and the spaceship are perfect. Your story is a good complement and makes your post is excellent. Thanks for sharing, regards.

Interesting picture and question. I never had coffee from starbucks.

Wow really nice piece, How long did you make it?

Oh wow. Brilliant work and the pun is spot on!

I like this your store

I love this. I love the fact that it is done in a traditional medium. It very much reminds me of the cover art from Micheal Whelan that I loved when I was younger.

This work of art is a clear example that in the future we will also suffer stress for work.
I am excellent, it magnifies the technique you have used.

Thank you, I really appreciate it

Amazing! Simply amazing! :D

My caffee

I love the witty it carries with it. Good job!