A Painting of my Wife

in art •  7 months ago

So I can't believe I forgot to share this image. So I painted this back in December as a Christmas present for my wife. She really likes Dinosaurs and the Triceratops is one of her favorites. I made a giant movie poster size painting of her riding one as a female barbarian warrior.

Abby Dinosaur small.jpg

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Very cool!

Do you do commissions? I have a big D&D book in the works right now. There are already a couple of artists on board covering the bulk of the work, but I'd love to make the book even more beautiful by supplementing it with some of your work. I can pay with Steem/SBD, other cryptocurrencies, or PayPal.

If you want to talk details, you can PM me on Steem Chat @sethlinson.


I do do commissions. Ive actually done stuff for other RGP systems like Traveller. I'm super busy working full time and going to art school full time but i would love to help if i can.


Hey, sorry for the delayed response. Busy weekend.

There are a few pieces as yet unclaimed by other artists working on the project. They are of varying degrees of difficulty. As a fellow student I totally understand how busy things get. But if you are able to come on board this project, I'll really appreciate it!

I do have a rough timeline in mind for the completion of this project. I was aiming for a June release, but I'm not married to that. Much will depend on the artists on the project and how much time they need to complete the work.

Message me on Steem Chat any time and we can talk details about the project, the artwork needed, pricing, etc.

Now, that is a great Christmas present!

Vaya amigo simplemente te quedo espectacular eso si es arte ;)