From The Depths Of My Soul | Experimental Art

in art •  6 months ago

Over the last few weeks I have been experimenting a bit with using double exposure in the editing process. I’m not really sure what the goal was, but it became a way to combine some of my photos to tell a deeper story, A story from within. Then I started to pair them with the words that came to me while creating them.. poetry? I’m not sure.. I like to call them random thoughts. The concept of combining nature with my physical being to represent essentially the depths of my soul.

Is it art?
No idea. What is art after all but a form of self expression? This is me just experimenting.. I think they go along with my whole beautifully broken theme that is scattered through out my blog, and I enjoyed the process of making them. I actually had no intention of sharing them here, but then I remembered I am suppose to be sharing more of myself.. doing things I wouldn’t normally do. Part of my Unexpected Journey.

So here’s to stepping out of your comfort zone...


The darkest depths of my soul ache for a place I have never been, and a person I may never know.


There is something hidden within, flowing as water through the many cracks of its broken shell.. a soul set on fire, just waiting to be set free.


We all have a story within, no matter how tattered and torn. It sits, just waiting to be shared with those that will cherish it as if it was their own.

And because music is the ultimate expression, and I think compliments the mood of these photos... please enjoy one of my favs...

Candle By Vast

There is beauty in the broken, unseen and the forsaken... we just have to take the time to see it.

Much Love,


All photos and words are my own, shared from the depths of my soul.

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The unexpected artist named Justine
Exposed for us as she'd never had been
Because her soul needs to tell
What her heart needs as well
She just doesn't know what it'll mean


Another one for my saved file! Thank you ☺️


Thanks sound!

That first piece is amazing and I hope you print it.


Wow! Thank you ❤️

of course it is art! And it is beautiful. The first one is my favorite.
sometimes we can experiment without a clear goal as you say and something unexpected happens and it wouldn't have happened otherwise and it is great :)


So true! It sort of had a life of its own... thank you!

Art is where you find it, and what you choose to see in it...


Very good point! Sometimes art sort of just happens, whether you mean to or not.

I love these - very emotional & expressive art. You are a wonderful story teller.


Aww thank you 😊.. it’s fun to sort of just let down your guard and see what happens. The combination of the photos, words, music.. makes it something special to me. ❤️ Your encouragement means a lot

I dont know anything about photography but these are really wonderful pictures, lele :) And the captions that go along with them are equally thoughtful and delicate <3 Gorgeous post * ___ *


Thank you spidey ❤️ That means a lot.

Very cool. I especially like the first one. These are definitely art ;)


Thank you very much! It was fun to experiment and try something new ❤️

Definitely art if you ask me ;) .. The book picture is my favorite , I love the contrast and by picking up certain words in the book page I can kind of make up the story in my mind :P .. I love it !


Thank you! That photo of the book alone (in the forest post) has become one of my favorites... it’s such a story within a story I think. Thanks for the love 💕

These were really intense thoughts especially Soul set on fire, waiting to be free.
You should definitely share sometime again your part of Soul.


Thank you! I seem to get a bit deep at times if I let my mind wonder... I’ll try to share more, thank you for the encouragement 🤗


You are welcome. I wonder what's it like when do let your mind wonder like that.
Hope to see more of them



Thank you! ❤️😊❤️

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Very good photographic compositions!

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Beautiful! Thank you for creating it and sharing it.