Getting up close and personal with the Modern Thinker

in art •  4 months ago

The other day, I posted about my meeting with the Modern Thinker and that I was going to share a video you where I got up close and personal with him. I think it's great how the Modern Thinker was postioned on the top of the building and I could see him from so many different angles.

Afterwards, I went out to the park and DALIART, and I could still see the Modern Thinker from far away. There were lots of outdoor intstallation artwork here, and I had so much fun visiting each of them. Check out my video and I hope you have as much fun as I did.


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Haha ok I see now :D you indeed live in Taiwan :D

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😁 yes, for the time being

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This should be near me I love this Kinda art. Its young and so lively colored😀 great ThAnx for sharing.


A reason to visit Taiwan maybe? ^_^


Now have to convince hubby 😉😉