The Mermaid Phenomenal Twin / art painting #82 / 19.11.14

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Hello, Everyone !

Today for the umpteenth time I remain focused on works of art with a variety of imagination and inspiration that I get. I don't remember how many art posts I presented on this Steem Blockchain-based platform, I plan to recalculate from the beginning so I can make documentation in my personal notebook. and I also plan to save in a file on a computer. I will try it. and of course this will take time. but I think this is important. I have to do it.

Friend Steemians, I just finished recalculating any posts related to the art that I posted. and I started with a post that I made 8 months ago (Mai 19) titled "Expressions of Beauty in Digital Art Painting". as of today November 14, 2019, all totaling 81 posts. henceforth I will review it again so that there are no wrong calculations and I will publish it in the next post. I think this is a good idea to arrange a blog to look neat. I hope I get support from friends for my efforts.

Drawing Art.

Alright friends, for today's new idea, I want to show you the inspirational part of the art that I have done. I tried to draw in accordance with the imagination of water creatures that become phenomena. I chose to draw a mermaid with two faces or twin mermaids.

As we all know that mermaids are water creatures that have a body like a woman from the waist to the head, while the body from the waist down resembles a fish. This mythological creature belongs to a group of half-human beings. people often associate mermaids with dangerous events such as floods, storms, shipwrecks. In other traditions the mermaid is described as having a kind and generous nature, bestowing a gift or falling in love with a human.

And this is my art work today, titled "The Mermaid Phenomenal Twin". here I leave some step by step that I started with the red and blue lines. I do it using a color pen. after finishing with the first step, then one by one and slowly I began to give color using several colors from colored pencils. You can see below in detail the steps from my image.
What do you think about my work today?







Thank you, hopefully this imagination can provide impetus for motivation.
Greetings Creative,

I leave you a link to my social network if you want to see more of my work: Instagram



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