Coolness On The Old Lake

in #art4 years ago

Hello Steemian..

This is my new activity when my mind gets bored after doing some work for a week. To release fatigue, I took time to be in a small lake not far from my city.

At least I feel the coolness that comes from nature where I feel a hug that makes my mind fresh and pleasant.

And about this I started painting it on a digital canvas for me to serve as a reminder in the future that I was once in that cool lake. The little boat that took me down the lake was always on the edge of the old lake. occasionally he bobbed when the lake water was cloudy and choppy.

Well, some more pictures as a first step for me to work on this digital painting I will show here ..,👇👇👇

That's what I can offer, I hope it will be a good start.

Thanks You,

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