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in art •  11 months ago


I'm thinking about opening artwork commissions here on Steemit. But the unstable value of SBD is making it hard for me to come up with a good price. :/

Artwork commissioned by NotesNotes

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You could always do the prices in STEEM instead, or even use a different altcoin altogether.

Do you normally do it over PayPal?


Yeah. But the reason why I want to price it in crypto is so that I can store it for investment. Thanks for the advice though. :)

I was thinking about powering up my account but now it's risky. I don't trade or even pay that much attention to it but seems like SBD is going to come back down.


I don't think SBD is going back to $1. Maybe calm down to $10 but will eventually rise up again in the future. :)


you're tearing me apart lires!

sorry - went to the movies today. seriously I guess it's a good thing it's going up.


Dude, if you want to invest, just go ahead. I won't recommend on SP though. It'll be quite hard to earn anything unless you have like, $500k.

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