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Hey guys! How's your new year going? I'm gonna start this year with another artwork process. This one's another character of The Lost Ghost; Claire Mundy.

Before I begin, I would just like to suggest that you vote for @curie as witness here @curie has helped a lot of artist who's just starting here on steemit, just like me.

And also check out @smartsteem! I think they're onto something amazing for quality-post steemers!


So I found some good pose references from google images and Daryll supplied me with his rendition of Claire and her tattoo.

clr ref.png

Sketching & Inking

Once I was decided with the pose, I went ahead and started sketching in Manga Studio (MS). When it got approved, I then started the inking.

clr ske ink.png


Or as others prefers to call it, Base colors. ^-^

clr fla.png


Rendered it in MS.

clr cel.png


This is a combination of painting it with my personal palette and applying Gradient Map on Photoshop.

clr pnt a.png

clr pnt b.png

Final Product

Added some lighting and color tweaks.

clr fin.png

I hope you liked my post and I hope you find this art process worth your while. I'll try to post more. ^-^
Bye for now!



this is awesome.
thank you for sharing your process, the painting is so bright! I love it!


Oh damn, You're talented!

Thanks, mate! Though it's more of a skill that I tried to develop over some years. ^-^

Yes they are! This is amazing 👍

This looks great, but what makes me more happy to see is your sources of is hard to draw body, especially in that kind of pose from mind..thank you for sharing :)

Thanks! ^-^
Yup! Good thing there's google. xD

love it!! :D That background and color palette really comes together in the end! Job well done!

Thanks, man! :D

it's a beautiful job!!

Thank you.

I love the color palette you chose. How do you go about picking that?

Thanks! Experiene, I guess. :)

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