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Candle Animation

Hey peeps! I just want to share a little animation that I made. Sometimes, when I have some extra time and haven't done some animating for some time, I just want to create little animations that I haven't done before.


Here's a quick step-by-step.

stp 1.png

stp 2.png


Then I use Live2D for animating it.


And here it is again.


Maybe I'll do a mini tutorial on how to use Live2D next time. ^-^



Nice animation thank you for sharing the step by step process. Mini tutorials are amazing to share. I love it when people collaborate instead of competing

Well said! ^-^

Thx and have an amazing weekend 😘

This is great with easy step by step to create animation. Million thanks and please @lires share us more tutorial. :-)

Nicely and easily explained

wow...That software looks sooo interesting.

Also addicting, since it's easy to use! (and free)

You got me at free~

Never heard of Live2D, but it looks interesting! It would be cool to see mini tutorial too :)

Yeah, sure! I'll make one in the future! Any simple animation you have in mind? :D

damn mann.. i never heard of this software. so simple yet so smooth 0-0

Yeah! It's also easy to learn. ^-^

Do you work in After Effects at all? I recently found a nice squash and stretch plugin for it. I imagine there are plenty of secondary animation plugins available by this time. Thanks for the breakdown.

Sometimes. But I'd rather use softwares that focus on specific tasks.
For example:
Painting: Manga Studio > Photoshop
Animating: Spine or Live2d > After Effects
Video Editing: After Effects > others

Interesting. My buddy Titan Droid uses Manga Studio to paint also. I haven't ever given it a ride.

me gustó mucho....!

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