Charcoal Painting : "Obscure"

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Yo! Sup guys!

Have you ever felt like everything is mixed and messed up in your mind? Like you don't know how to express what you feel and just preferred to keep it all to yourself ?

It's hard, isn't it?

Well, just here today to share one of my latest charcoal paintings. I accidentally made this coz one night, my body felt heavy and a lot of things went through my mind. Yea, i've been so dramatic these past few months lol Like wIth a loooot of things but i chose to just keep it to myself coz i dont want to bother other people.

So what i did, I drew it all out. IN JUST ONE NIGHT.



"Obscure" 2020,
Charcoal painting
on 12x18 sketchpad

It's actually a self portrait. My first ever self-portrait that i finished lol and its not the typical one. This one's deep got some creepy approach as what others say.


Why obscure?

Uhmm well i mentioned that I've been so dramatic these days coz a lot of things are affecting me mentally, emotionally, and even in physical aspects. Even though i had so much things happening inside my mind, i chose not to share it with anyone or talk about it with someone. Maybe, i just talk bout it to my trusyed friends but not the entire details. Im not fond of sharing my problems to others coz Im afraid to be judged. And yeah! Obscure as a verb means, keep from being seen; conceal. That's what im doing and fortunately after finishing this piece, i had somehow a peace of mind that i was able to let it all our through art.

Anyway, art is subjective they say. So you csn interpret it in anyway haha.


And by the way, here are the materials I used.



The process







Closer view





Well. That's for all today! Have a ncie day!


This is a beautiful self-portrait! I feel your art would fit in well over at the Alien art of steem community, here is a link if you would like to come join us!

Thank youuu 😊

Cross-posted to Alien art of Steem <3

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