Drawing German shepherd portrait

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Drawing German shepherd portrait

hello, i have this drawing for today , German Shepherd portrait with pencils ! that is one of my favorite kind of dog
they look so kind and happy with those innocent eyes :) , the Doctor of veterinary which i take my cats there sometimes, have this dog at the yard and it is one of the best shepherds i have ever seen , a very big and beautiful dog
i found this picture so nice and decided to draw it for my drawings add the link under my work , hope you like it


lets watch some process picture here

Screenshot (580).png

Screenshot (581).png

Screenshot (582).png


i hope you enjoyed to watch these works

Here you can see some of my works in this GIF :)


i made this GIF with one of my digital arts :)



have a very beautiful day and see you next time! tomorrow! :)


Hello li-art I love the drawing has a face of kindness and that look that you have made is very interesting, congratulations for your work.

Hi .. thank you very much 😇

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