Nostalgia in Film Photography

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Nostalgia in Film Photography

Film photographs carry a romantic dull haze of memories. The feeling similarly lingers in old, worn keepsakes. When you find a vintage photograph, you remember the world differently... even if it was not that long ago. Almost ten years have passed since I transmuted the real world into light drawings. How the time does fly.

"Nostalgic Themes of Light and Dark", Lexie Takis, 2009

        " A thick quilt of dust
        A strong odor of musk
        A cracked photograph
        Dead sunlight streaming
        On the floor
        Where I spent my days dreaming "

                         - Christopher Goss

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Lexie Takis

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I really like your stuff. You seem to be very experimental. I was taken with your resin art the most. Follow you on IG. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

@kay.karey Thank you!! I hope to do some more experimenting with resin as soon as the weather warms up :) Please feel free to follow me to stay tuned!

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