My ART Sketch +16 Infinite beauty.

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Beauty of a female body makes magnetic impact on an opposite sex. Owners of young and attractive bodies with symmetric parameters interest men irrespective of season, a political situation and religious trends. Female beauty became especially important for alpha males of the present – physically attractive woman, in their opinion, will become not only excellent mother, but also the perspective assistant on a course of life. 

  • I haven't died, I either had no time, or was terrible laziness (though all all the same) 
  • I have finished tormenting one more Art which was drawn on a  tablet . 
  • Can be still couples посканю from a sketchbook... And can and isn't present.

Initial assessment of physical beauty of girls men is made, most often, from studying of features. Symmetric woman's faces with the following characteristics are in greatest "demand": the person of an oval form, full lips, a small nose, high cheekbones (not given), small and narrow jaws, a high forehead, a small chin, the big and widely placed eyes, light and smooth face skin.

Dependence of "the general configuration" of lines of a woman's face and interest of an opposite sex was established by the Canadian researchers — by results of poll of test groups. Showed to examinees photos of woman's faces and asked to choose the most attractive of them. Having measured distance between eyes of photobeauties, a distance from a mouth to eyes, and also the total length and width of persons, scientists have revealed the so-called "gold standard" of appeal.


Rounded shape of the fifth point peculiar to female physiology – fatty deposits on buttocks and hips are created under the influence of "women's" hormone of estrogen while "men's" testosterone blocks accumulatings of fat in these areas. Increase in fatty tissue on buttocks happens after puberty of women. The size of the fifth point notifies men on a condition of a female body concerning capabilities to a child-bearing – allows to estimate visually estrogen level in an organism, and also amounts of the fatty inventories necessary for development of the child in a maternal womb and his breastfeeding after the birth. Depending on cultural accessory of men, there are following standards of female beauty concerning buttocks:

  •     the women possessing buttocks of the small size with the minimum fatty deposits on hips are recognized the countries of Asia the most beautiful;
  •     in the Caucasus local beauties shall possess the complete buttocks but which at the same time weren't distributed on each side;
  •     Spaniards and men from the former Spanish colonies (the country of South America) with adoration treat complete buttocks at women (including distributed in sides), at the same time completeness of hips shall be moderate;
  •     men from the countries of Africa, and also the Afro-Americans adore women with a large fifth point and with volume fatty deposits on hips.


Large, elastic female breasts – recognized criterion of beauty, an object of an admiring of men. On the other hand, breasts of the small size are associated with youth, they are attribute of maiden bodies. According to the European researchers, large breasts of women are especially popular in the countries of Europe – their volumes testify to high level in the female body of hormones of progesterone and an estradiol promoting fertility. Irrespective of a form, the greatest interest of men is attracted by symmetric breasts of women. These parts of a female body are especially sensitive to violations in development of an organism during his development if to compare them to other female delights. As the medical statistics testifies, owners of symmetric breasts give rise and cultivate bigger number of children.

On it all friends! I hope to you my drawings and information were pleasant.

                                                                            Thanks for attention.



Following for more Art like this! 😉

Very cool ! I like it !!!

elegant pattern, not vulgar

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