Live Your Dreams Not Your Fears

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How often are we living our fears instead of our lives? Well, I don't really fear anything, you might answer, but worry is also fear, even if a small one. It is these that we let accumulate in our lives. Worry about paying the bills, worry about getting the project done on time, environmental issues, politics, retirement, health. Now there's one to think about, the last one, health.

Fear or worry, creates stress hormones. A small dose of them every once in a while is good for you. They are like a tonic. The thrill on a roller coaster, bungee jumping, some hard sports. But, like everything in life, moderation is the key. It is when we let these small stresses build up, it becomes toxic.

We have this amazing bio-feedback loop between mind and body. Our thoughts can summon up emotions which are expressed through our bodies. The way our bodies feel then also affect the things we think. Compare your thoughts from the start of the day we you arise after a fantastic night's sleep to the end of a long tiring day. When you're tired and you have aches and pains, its harder to find yourself in a positive state of mind.

So if you are repeatedly in stressful situations, you have less time to recover, not only bodily but also mentally. Then the nasty vicious circle starts. Your body is down, the mind is down, and so it goes around and around. 

This is one of the reasons short breaks from long tasks are recommended. Even a short 15 minute walk in the park or nature at some point in the day can regenerate you.

Sleep! Don't cheat yourself on sleep. That is quick road to ruin. I know this one myself. It only takes me five days of shortened sleep, before my immune system is depressed and I feel a cold coming on. Regular sleeping patterns and sticking to them do wonders. Having been a night owl for years, I discovered, the old saying early to bed, early to rise, was not made up as a joke. With an early start, I find I have seemingly achieved a full day's work by the close of the morning while I am still fresh. Then by the second half of the day, I'm not having to resort to stimulants, such as coffee to get me through the finishing line.

But wait! Where's the live your dreams part come into all of this? So far I have only talked about worry, stress and sleep.

"With our thoughts, we create the world." - Buddha.

It is our habits of thought, our outlooks, that set us for success or failure, whether you live your dreams or not.

"You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." - John C. Maxwell

The greatest journey always starts with small steps, and many more after that. So when it is said, don't just dream it, be it, the intent is, start with the first step, then another, another, and so on. It is the consistency that makes things real, whether positive, your dreams, or negative, your fears.

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown

If you are wondering, after all of that, yes, that is one of my artworks at the top of the article. =)
“Look Ahead”, Leo Plaw, 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas

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Fear is one of those things that just comes with being human. There is not a single person alive who is fearless.

There are, however, plenty of people who choose to act in spite of their fear.

And that's the key. It isn't a matter of becoming fearless, because you will never be fearless. It's a matter of pushing yourself to overcome the fear in the first place, to not let it dictate your thoughts, your words, your actions, or your life.

Great write up @leoplaw, definitely hitting you with the follow!


Acting decisively in spite of our fears is what we call courage or bravery, although, I think many people confuse these words with fearlessness.
That's a great first post you wrote. =)

Wow, your paintings are fantastic! I just found you and follow you. I follow Buddhas advice and dream of beeing successful with my creative crafts and art blog on Steemit since I started it. I try to live my dreams everyday, and dont give up when it becomes hard.


Wonderful! Thank you! =)
Taking action on our dreams is important. Dharma, correct action.

Good post! We need to be brave and not submit to fear. Resteemed!


Cheers @scandinavianlife! I've added a little to the conversation on one of your posts. ;-)


Thank you very much! :)

well written, letting fear further into your life can have such a negative mental effect on the body and like you said can then put the body and mind under so much stress which has a major effect on how we then go about your daily lifes

will have a follow keep it up @livethedream0208


Yes, we have to take good care of ourselves, and it all starts with the hygiene of our thoughts.

@leoplaw yeah bro totally bro cant argue about dt its ur dream who keeps motivated to keep strugling and achieve ur goals

Great Post! Pretty much sums up the building blocks for a healthy and happy life. Loved it and Resteemed.
P.S I myself am a painter who like to create a sense of purpose in my artwork and share it with the people. I t was pleasure to see your blog. Following!

I try every day to do just that ... live my dreams ! The sleep part I am not good at hehe


That's the discipline part. Off to bed early puts the much of the rest in order. ;-)


Or even a siesta. There are some extremely busy and successful people that always made time for a regulated siesta. Churchill used to always take an hour long mid day nap to keep himself fresh for the rest of the day.