How Far Will You Go?

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In my more recent figurative works, I have started suggesting more of a background, an environment, a setting to place the figures so that the composition lends itself more to letting the observer find a story.

The original reference photo was a simple studio shot, but the pose lent itself to the idea of the model tentatively slipping into the water. You know how it goes, the mind says, yes!, go for a swim, but the body, mmm... that's a bit cool for me. But, the best solution is of course always, just to jump straight in and get the shock of the cold over with.

But that's just my opinion. How do you deal with getting into the cold water?

"How Far Will You Go?" or "Taking a Dip" 30 x 24cm, oil on canvas


very beautiful. seems to me, you're a little bit inspired by Rodin...

Thank you! I'm inspired my many different artists. =)

amazing painting. Love all the dark colors.

This is beautiful!

Art..just art

Thank you!

Beautiful photo! Keep on the good work @lavitaebella

fuck it is awesome man )))))))keep it keep i follow you

There is more come! Thank you. =)


Amazing Paint !

So beautiful. I like it

Wow, this is wonderful! You're very talented. I'll definately be following you :D

Thank you! It's like you said in a comment on one of your posts, practice. =)

Yeah you're right!

Very beautiful painting! I wish i could paint this way soon! Thank you for sharing

Cheers! Happy to hear you like it. =)

Very nice work. I always go straight in not bothered with the cold :)

Jump right in is the only cure, deal with one short sharp shock instead of prolonged pain. Thanks! =)

명암이 살아 있는 작품이네요....왠지 모를 신비감이 느껴집니다.
작품 잘 보고 갑니다.
팔로우 하고 자주 들리겠습니다.
편안한밥 보내세요 ^^

coldness is a desire, compared to heat. but we can stand from the cold first our body's blood at least 110. strong in the face of cold. "experience" I had several times done swimming in his early cold water pool my body could not stand the cold. but continuously I continue it still can not afford, it turns out my body again less blood maybe than that why the body quickly vibrate with cold ...? best regards from @aemkar. happy to be one as your friend @leoplaw

Have you heard of the "Iceman", Wim Hof?

Wim Hof (born 20 April 1959) is a Dutch daredevil[1], commonly nicknamed "The Iceman" for his ability to withstand extreme cold,[2] which he attributes to exposure to cold, meditation and breathing techniques (similar to the Tibetan technique Tummo).[3]

wow .. just brilliant ! Your mixture of colors is just captivating upvoted, resteem & you gain a new follower