Figure 43 - Drawing

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I'd finished this drawing yesterday, just short before running out the door to attend the opening of the exhibition in Marchtrenk.

So now I'm back from a successful opening I can present it to you.

I'll take a look through my photos from last night and see if there is something worthwhile to share.


"Figure 43 - Drawing", Leo Plaw, 21 x 30cm, graphite pencil on paper

Original available. Inquiries welcome.

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Cheers Ian!

Glad to hear the exhibition was a success :D Though I am starting to think that's just going to be a given with you XP

And I'm kind of vaguely amused but unsurprised that you banged this out before running out the door XD

Well, I started the drawing the day before and finished on the next. I'd love to be as quick as you thought I am. =)

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