Belvedere Sphinx

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September has felt like a long month for me. I've been making the most of the warm sunny weather and getting outside before it departs for the remainder of the year. But, I have also made time for the studio.

I've had a painting I started at the beginning of Summer waiting in the studio for me to finish it. So I thought it best to see to it and finish it in the same season.

The Belvedere Palace gardens are one of my favourite haunts, being not too far from my studio. I've often looked at the garden statues in the warm late afternoon light, accented with opposing cool shadows, and thought I'd like to capture this in paint.

This particular painting I did start on location, outdoors in the garden as a plein air painting. However its completion was made in the studio.

Can you feel the sun of the warm Summer afternoon? What has this sphinx seen and heard over the hundreds of years she has sat in the garden?

I wrote a post way back when I started this. Here's the photo from the afternoon, while painting in the palace gardens.


"Belvedere Sphinx", Leo Plaw, 21 x 30cm, oil on canvas board

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