Makeup inspired by Catatumbo's lightning / Maquillaje inspirado en el relámpago del Catatumbo.

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Good morning my friends.

On this day I present you with a makeup inspired by Catatumbo lightning, a natural phenomenon that occurs in the Lake Maracaibo basin. This produces numerous electrical storms, so much that it is the place of the world with the highest concentration of lightning. So, I invite you to see how I make this makeup.


HJTYTY (1).png


The materials for this creation are the following:

The materials used were the basis for the face of my skin tone, compact powder, natural concealer, eyeshadows in black, light blue and blue tones, as well as purple. Black eyeline. Ceramic / cold paint in white tone. Illuminator in cream and powder. Brushes and brushes.



Step by Step:

1- Apply base and compact powder of my skin tone on the entire face.

2- Place a little illuminator in cream on the entire center of my forehead, this resembles a great illumination of the beginning of the lightning and around the edge a purple shadow.


3- Around the forehead with the help of a brush apply shade in black tone. Below this, the continuation would be in a light blue shade from the forehead to other areas of the face such as cheeks, in the chin, nose and neck, above this a deep blue mixed tone.


4- With ceramic / cold paint in white, paint the lightning, all around the edge of this apply a shade of purple shadows.


5- In the eyes, a white cream illuminator was applied to fix the shadows in the shades mentioned above.

6 - The lips were painted with corrector in natural tone, similar to skin tone and mixed with blue eyeshadow. They were outlined in black. Draw the Catatumbo ray in the center of them.


7- Apply illuminator on the other bare cheek and on that area of the unpainted neck.

8- White tufts in the hair were painted with ceramic / cold paint to give more characterization to the work.

¡And ready!


I leave you the video of the realization of this makeup.

¿What do you think of this makeup?

I hope you liked my makeup. Until next time.

Thanks for taking a few minutes of your valuable time to see my post.




My Youtube channel:

Leomary Makeup



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WoW! Te quedó muy bello amiga te felicito!

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Muchas gracias!! Saludos y bendiciones

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final de post.png¡¡¡Felicidades!!!


Gracias amigos. Abrazos!!

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