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For the past few months I have been admiring an assortment of pixilated street art installations in the various cities that I have visited throughout France and parts of Europe. Its a topic that I talk about on my blog quite often in fact.

Though I initially believed that these were all the works of a single street artist named Invader, I have recently realized that they are actually the works of at least three different artists - Invader, Mifamosa, and Le Geek.

I had started to suspect that the different pieces of art that I was seeing were not all done by the same artist some time ago. Many of them just didn't seem to have a consistent look and feel about them. However, I wasn't aware of just how many artists were out there doing pixilated tile mosaics so I mistakenly made the assumption that they were all Invaders. It wasn't until I began seeing pieces in cities that were not listed on Invaders world map that I knew for certain that there were other artists doing similar work.

Now that I know, it is actually quite obvious when looking at them whose work belongs to whom. But that's hindsight I suppose.



Mifamosa is one of the French street artists’ whose work I had been admiring. They started their work in the city of Orleans France and have since moved on to other cities throughout the country. Like Invader, they specialize in pixilated tile mosaics, but also add their own unique flare to them to make them interesting.


Mifamosa posts their work above street signs and typically (if not always) posts images that relate to the name of the street itself. They are clever and quirky and perhaps a bit punny. My wife likes this artist quite a bit and actually prefers their work over the others.

The fairy and peacock in the images above were spotted in the city of Lille and are among the prettiest of all the installations I have seen by the artist.


I have noticed that Mifamosa's work can also be identified by three circular tiles that accompany each installation and which act as a sort of signature for the artist. It is probably the easiest way to tell that the work is definitely theirs. Smart, I think.


Many of the pieces by the artist are really quite stunning, though some can be a bit drab and boring. I found this to be the case in the city of Orleans especially. There I spotted at least 12 pieces but I only really cared to take photos of a few of them. After a while the idea of putting an image above a street sign with the same name became a little bit monotonous for me.


For instance, on the street of snakes was an image of a snake, on English street there were two tea cups and on the main shopping street in the city was a shopping cart. You get the idea. This went on for quite some time until eventually it all became a bit cheesy or tacky for me overall.

From that point on I only started taking photos of the images that I really liked.

Le Geek


Le Geek is another street artist whose work I had previously mistaken for that of Invaders. In fact their work is probably the most similar to Invaders overall. They often create images that relate to old style video games like super Mario Brothers. In Lyon I spotted several of these characters.

They also create images of characters from movies and various cartoons.

I happen to like the theme of Le Geeks work quite a bit and think that some of the installations are pretty cool.


The last image was seen in the city of Nancy France and though I am not certain who the artist is for sure I suspect that it is the work of Le Geek. I know that it was not created by Invader and it does not have the three round tiles of Mifamosa's signature. Either way though, I think its a pretty neat image despite not knowing who it is supposed to be.

Any guesses?


Thanks for Reading


This style almost seems like it is statement or a logo of expression. Are they appearing on every building or every other building? I wonder if the artists need governmental approval before attaching the "art" to the building and if he or she needs to pay a fee..... hmm this is very interesting @leaky20. Thank you for sharing this.

Not every building just ones that speak to the artist I suppose. And no they do not have approval to do this. Its basically illegal in the same way that conventional spray painted graffiti is. They usually do it in secret, at night and while wearing a mask. A lot of street art gets taken down by the city or individual people and many artists like Invader have been arested.

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