My pencil drawing : portrait of my friend with process shots.

in art •  2 years ago

Hi Steemians! Today i want to share with you all my pencil drawing, which i made for my friend. I have used graphite pencils for the drawing and i have included the process shots too.
Drawing duration : 10 hours.

**Process : **

First, i made the outline using a 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

Added light shading on the face with a HB pencil.

Then i made the eyebrows, eyes and the lips using 2B, 4B and a 8B pencil.

Added a little bit of shading on the face with a 2B pencil and blended the graphite using a soft tissue.

Then i started filling the dark areas of the hair with a 8B pencil.

Completed the drawing by adding more details on the hair using a HB, 4B, and a 8B pencil. Also shaded the neck and the Tshirt using a HB, 3B and a 4B pencil.

Thanks for reading.

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