Drawing Lionel Messi.

in art •  last year

Hi Steemians!
I want to share with you my new pencil drawing of Lionel Messi. He is one of my favourite football player, so I decided to draw his portrait. I completed the drawing today, I hope you will like it.

Drawing duration : 11.5 hours.

Materials used :
HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, and 8B Graphite pencil.
Eraser pencil and a dust free eraser.
Paper stumps and a soft tissue.
Bristol paper A4 180gsm.

The process :

  1. Made the outlines using a HB pencil.
  2. Made the the eyes and eyebrows using HB,2B,4B and a 6B pencil. Also shaded the eye area with a HB pencil.
  3. Made the nose and lips using HB,2B, and a 6B pencil.
  4. Shaded the face using a HB pencil.
  5. Started working on the beard by drawing fine lines using a sharp HB pencil.
  6. I used 4B and a 6B pencil to add more details on the beard. Also started shading on the neck using a HB pencil.
  7. Started shading on the jacket with a HB, 2B, and a 6B pencil.
  8. completed shading on the jacket and also started working on the hairs with a HB, 4B, 6Band a 8B pencil.

    The drawing is now complete.
    Here's a Gif of the process :

    Thanks for watching.
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