Drawing a Fox.

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Hi Steemians! Today I am going to share with you my new pencil drawing. The subject of my drawing is a Red Fox.
It's winter time and I wanted to draw a winter animal. So I looked up on the internet for winter animals and I found the pictures of Red Foxes in the search results. I thought that it will be a good subject for my new drawing. So I decided to draw it. I drew it using graphite pencils on a Bristol smooth paper.

Drawing duration : 6 hours.

The drawing materials :

Bristol smooth paper A4.
HB, 2B, and a 4B pencil.
Pencil eraser.
Blending stumps.

The process :

I drew the outlines using a HB pencil.

To draw the eyes, I added a dark outline around the eyes using a 4B pencil. Then I filled the details in the eyes using HB, 2B, and a 4B pencil.
To draw the fur above the nose, I added quick strokes using a sharp HB pencil for the lighter hairs and a 2B pencil for the darker hairs. Then I blended it using a blending stump.

To shade the nose, I have used HB pencil on the lightest part and 4B on the darkest part. Then I blended it with a blending stump.
After drawing the nose, I added shading in the mouth using 2B and a 4B pencil.

To draw the fur above the eyes, I made quick sharp strokes with a HB pencil. I added few strokes again using a 2B pencil. After using a pencil eraser to add a few highlights, I blended the area using a blending stump.

To draw the ears, I added a layer of long fine strokes using a HB pencil and then I blended it. For the second layer, I used a 2B pencil to shade. After blending the shading on the second layer, I used a 4B pencil to shade the darkest part of the ears.
For the fur on the top of the head, I have used a 2B pencil.

To draw the fur on the neck, I used a HB pencil to make long strokes which I blended with a blending stump. Then I added highlights on that area using a pencil eraser.
To draw the fur on the remaining areas of the body, I made fine long strokes using a HB pencil and blended it. Then I used a 2B pencil to make another layer of darker hairs on the fur and I blended it.
Using a 4B pencil and pencil eraser, I changed the details on the eyes. Then I drew the whiskers using a sharp 2B pencil. Now the drawing is complete. Hope you like it.

Here's a gif of the process :

Thanks for watching.

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