Being Flirty - Daily Drawing Challenge Entry

in art •  7 months ago

So @cookiespooky has yet another drawing challenge on the go with a flirtatious theme.

So this is what I came up with! :D


Just something quick I drew up in about an hour or so.

And one of the rules was I am supposed to post my process steps as well.

So here they are!

First I started off with a rough sketch using the coloured pencil.

And then using the G-pen tool, I did the line work. :)

Using the lasso selection tool and the paint bucket fill tool ,I laid out the flat colours. Every section on a different layer.

Here is when I used the dense watercolour brush and added in some rough shadows to create some dimension.

From there I blended them out using the transparent water colour brush and then added some darker shadows in various places. After that I used the highlight airbrush feature with the mode as dodge glow and threw some highlights throughout.

And voila! Finished piece. :D

Let me know what you think!

Since I'm over 500 followers now I will make a post either tonight or tomorrow about my art contest if anyone would like to enter! :D

Until next time!


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The drawing is of course a genius, like all your drawings.

I appreciate the bit of process you’re throwing in! As I’m just learning to color it helps to just hear which tools are achieving your look & blends. I haven’t yet experimented with the watercolor brushes but will now!


Yeah I'm still pretty new to this program and I started out using the oil paints but they don't really blend well. I find the watercolour brushes work better for laying it down and blending it out.

Amazing! Did you use a reference?


I did use a reference of Blake Lively in this pose.


Oh Blake. Blake Blake Blake Blake Blake.

This is beautiful.

boy, she is flirty

Beautiful portrait, u win a follower :)

Gorgeous!!! @ladymaharet 🌹👏👏👏

Added to steemartists curation station 😉

very nice drawing :D she's beautiful and flirtatious! you nailed the prompt so well !!! good luck at the comp !!! :D

Very good digitalart! I'll follow you, and I well be happy if you come to my blog;)