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Glauert's seadragon

The Glauert's seadragon as the name suggests, was inspired by the Leafy seadragon.

project: Behemoth Realms
series: Miscere Homunculi
Mix Media on A4 Paper

The Glauert's seadragon can be classified as a mermaid or merman, it lives on one of the three islands of Behemoth, the island of Prometheus.

Prometheus presents a gravitational level of low to absent, this allows marine creatures like mollusks and worms to live off water keeping their body shape and in some cases fluctuate.


The name for the island was adopted as link to my main (occidental) birth elements, water and fire.

Prometheus is the name of one of Saturn moons, it is a icy planet.

Fire and a volcano called Prometheus is found on Io, one of Jupiter's moons.

Also, the sulfuric atmosphere of Io gives the name to Behemoth's east seas.

side note During my research I discovered a fascinating place, I quote:

Although Miyakejima appears frightening and almost post-apocalyptic, tourists can, in fact, visit the island. Aside from the dangers of poisonous gas,
mainly, sulfur gas
parts of the island are extremely lush and apparently the scuba diving is a beautiful experience filled with dolphin sightings. For visitors who believe the benefits outweigh the danger, gas masks are available upon arrival at many tourist shops on the island.
Yes, Izu Islands are a real thing!

entry for #mermaidmonday #theluvbug
@nymia.aryn if you're looking for something more traditional
Mermaid Monday contest

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Plenty to choose from, here, there's a mermaid for every taste !!!



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What a beautiful work! Well done, @lady-idra! 😃

Glauert's seadragon has an almost Archangel Gabriel, androgynous quality.

Thanks for the cool images.

Namaste, Jaichai


Thank You very much @jaichai.
Have a good day.

Nice post. I love this pictures


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I like your pictures


Thank You :)

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