Zodiac Dragon Virgo+ Freewrite

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The following is my unedited thoughts flow. Lately I've been thinking about Steemit trends, ever since my brother told me " I wish I was a whale then everyone would post origami!" (@ivan-g ofcourse). This was kind of cute and made me consider what would I want more people to post about? Probably dragons. I had a blast seeing other Steemian's dragons when I held that contest a year ago. It's a shame that I haven't held another one, maybe I'll try a smaller version of the contest through Random Games.

Back to trends. One of the most popular trends at the moment is probably free writing, just like this post. It was first started by @anomadsoul I believe and possibly by @kommienezuspadt as well. @anomadsoul has certainly been encouraging it, so thank you :D The purpose is to write down what you're thinking without editing. I guess this is a counter to the well thought out but sterile posts, usually aiming for curie votes. Free writes are more personal and raw letting us know more about those we read. Moreover since I've started freewriting I've relaxed a bit for sharing about myself. I used to take a very detached approach when creating my art posts.


Moreover, because English is not my native tongue, I always end up spending a lot of time editing my posts. Instead I could spend that time on drawing or writing stories. In fact right now I'm on my way from a bit of shopping. I bought a bunch of new art supplies and can't wait to try them out. I love the "back to school" weeks when the shops are filled with various supplies. My only issue right now is that I've become much more picky about quality of the drawing supplies, which is probably a good thing, but not for my wallet. For crafty things I don't mind quality much, I kind of end up using those only when I feel inspired.

The walls at my apartment are completely bare, not a single frame, but I haven't had the inspiration or motivation to draw and frame something. When it comes to displaying my art I become too critical and self conscious. I usually end up painting realistic environments, probably because I feel that those are well accepted. Moreover, my issue is often when you hang some piece of artwork, it ends up hanging there for too many years.

I change a lot, my personality and likes/dislikes and I get bored of things pretty fast. For example my clothes, I still wear the old stuff, but I don't really like them. Lately I don't like anything in the clothes stores. I used to wear various jewelery, now none, as it irritates me in a way. The only constant that has never changed is my book and music taste. I prefer finding new songs, but I still enjoy all of the old ones.

My mind goes on a tangent quite often. Unrelated things come to mind, which is cool for creative things, but makes it hard to communicate sometimes, especially in real life.

Well I hope you've enjoyed a small peek into my chaotic mind, thank you for reading :)


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I think you should really focus also on content that is to your liking and is easy for you to handle, ie have experience to teach others about your art among other things


Thank you :) Yeah I'm tired of making tutorials which probably no one reads. So I'm trying some other stuff out.

So I only saw the first image because it happened to be the cover image and it's still cuuuuuuute XD

The rest of them aren't loading for whatever reason. Anyway.

On hanging stuff it's your house, bugger what everyone else accepts and hang what you want. And if/when you get bored of it, hang a different one.

And you sound like a lot of other artists I know, I suspect we all have some form of adhd XP


Weird I'm not sure why it doesn't show. But either way it's just steps and I think I shared those in doscord ^^
And thank! I'll start thinking about what to hang :D

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Nice animal you got there.


Thanks :)

Ah ! Virgo ! She's so pretty <3 Love her elegant blue mane/hair <3

I can relate to being bored easily. I'm the same :D..... But, on the upside, it keeps me always hunting for new things to get interested in :D


Thank you ^^ and for sharing that, it kinda helps to know it's not only me :)

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Thank you ^^

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Thanks :)


You are welcome! 🙂