Origami Frog

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Hello guys! I didn't post last couple of days as I wasn't feeling well, but I'm better today. This is my entry for @gmatthe2's origami contest:


I picked the first ever origami that I learned as a kid thanks to my aunt. It's very easy and I highly recommend for teaching kids. The fun part is you can make it jump!


It has been a long time since I've done the origami so I used this tutorial:

I used the little office notes as it's easier (no need to cut into squares) and I don't have any color paper at the moment.

After the initial test froggy, I colored the second paper. This was inspired by @enternamehere's origami posts :)


Next time I should use color markers as the color pencils totally colored my fingers while folding the origami.

Also I downloaded Bacon camera app on android for better photos and I like it. (Do your own research before downloading unknown apps)

I'm nominating @ivan-g my brother, the origami master :D



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The froggy is so cute!! I love that you colored the paper. The colouring suits the froggy :)

Glad to hear you are feeling better.


Thank you ^^

Glad you're feeling better.


Thank you :)

Nice frog 🐸... I will also make one and post


Thank you :D have fun!



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I am also glad you are feeling better. You have been entered :) .


Thank you ^^

Glad you're feeling better :) I remember those frogs! Not how to make them, but have made them before when I was a kid. Not all ofmine jumped very well though XD


Thanks :D This one jumps great. I think it depends on the size, smaller is better. Also after folding it just twice I think I already memorized it, it's that easy. ^^

It's a nice news that you feel better! And the Origami frog looks great besides that you know how to make other animals or objects?


Thank you ^^ I can do lots of origamis if the tutorial is easy to understand. I don't know any by heart tho other than the peace crane :)

Glad to know you're feeling better, @kristyglas. That frog is great and thanks for the link.
Good luck with the contest :D


Thanks ^^ share a pic if you make it :D

Gran trabajo me contenta ver mas gente con el arte de papel ;)