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Hello everyone! First of all WOW! We can hide resteems now!!! :O I love this so much, because I resteem more than average xD

So today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite posts that I've done so far. This is thanks to a contest held by @anomadsoul that you can check out here! Most of my posts on Steemit are creative as that is how I express myself. I love cute and creepy art at the same time and I often change my artstyle based on my mood. I'm pretty awkward in real life, probably because of moving so many times and changing many schools when I was younger (because of my parent's job). I prefer English, but it's not my native language nor is it common where I live. Luckily I get to use it with those closest to me, making communication a lot easier for me ^^

Almost all of my posts have detailed step by step explanations of my drawing techniques and often times my inspirations and reasoning. Only recently I started making shorter posts as I don't have as much free time as before. You can check out the original posts, by simply clicking on the post titles.

Zodiac Dragon Scorpio + Cartoons From My Childhood

The cover image is from my ongoing Zodiac Series. I've made a lot of various Zodiac posts and this particular post includes everything ^^ I also shared my favorite childhood cartoons!

Inktober Summary & Testing Out a New Scanner!


As Inktober has started, I feel it's appropriate to share my last year's Inktober art :D I love new art tools and this includes the scanner I got just for my art. It has served me great since I've bought it. My Inktober was unique in a way because I drew dragons based on the Inktober word list. I actually draw a lot of dragons, but instead of going into details about why here, you can check out my following post.

My 2018 - This is my Hobby- Drawing Dragons


This was for @anomadsoul's previous contest ^^ The post is mainly me explaining why I love drawing dragons so much. I actually don't draw them as much lately. I've been going though lack of motivation and exhaustion lately, so I've been focusing on my health more than art. :)


The Blue Aquatic Dragon- Dromarine+ Full Process


This is my best dragon art so far in my opinion. I spent over 8h on this drawing and did my best.


Dreaming Roses- A Photo Study Painting & A Short Story


This is my study painting of an incredible photo made by @hiddenblade. As soon I saw the photo it struck a chord in me, but I couldn't pinpoint the reason why right away.
I don't draw humans much, but when I do, I go for the most mysterious ^^ This painting was a pleasure to make and I got to know @hiddenblade. I received permission before making and posting the art on Steemit. I included an original story in the post that I wrote inspired by the artwork.



The Dark Mermaid of Atlantis- Original Character Design and Full Process


So my idea now is that this mermaid is a descendant of Atlantians, who were formerly human. Atlantis is a lost city only known in legends. They were cursed because of failed magic and now they can only live underwater. They have longer life spans, but not immortal. Also the dark magic somewhat twisted them physically, making them into dark creatures. Most of them live in the depths because they cannot stand the light.
This was one of the most challenging artworks that I've made so far. I did quite some research and tried to develop the character visually as much as possible. I'm proud of the final result and it's a pleasure to share the post again :)


My Ever Dragon+ My Favorite Books

I love a good mystery so I try to add some of that to all of my art. In particular I love fantasy books and in the post above I shared my all time favorite books. :)

Image result for The Bad Beginning original cover


Handmade Watercolor Bookmarks + Steps


As I love books so much and I tend to read several at once, it made sense to make some bookmarks.I tried several different techniques and showed how I used them.


Little Bird Drawing Tutorial With Steps


img020 - Copy (2)_compressed.jpg

Beginner tutorials are quite hard to make, as you have to pick the easiest steps for all to understand. I'm pleased to say that a lot of Steemians managed to follow my tutorial with a great success. ^^ I'm really proud of this post. I'm a self taught artist and I've learned a lot thanks to other artists sharing their knowledge online, so I do my best to share what I know.



Animated Potions- Pixelart Weekly


Last but not least! I actually do pixel art full time, but I can't share much of that. Occasionally I make pixel art for Steemit or for Pixel Dailies challenge on Twitter to challenge myself. This particular potions were for a Pixel Art weekly contest that used to be held on Steemit ^^ I enjoy trying out new techniques and programs.



Copyright @kristyglas. All rights reserved.

This post took longer than expected so I'll continue Inktober art tomorrow!

There is only one photo of me on Steemit ;P

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If you'd like to be tagged/untagged in my posts for notification, please let me know! I will only tag you in long posts.

I nominate @bronkong, @beekart and @enternamehere :D

Tomorrow I will hold a different version of Random Games to try to maybe revive the contest ^^

Thank you so much for reading! ♡


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Love your arts. Would you consider joining the Partiko Mascot Design Contest? :)


Thank you! ^^ I'll check it out :D

Raarggh! O.O You are one talented person.. Such diversity in your style... Kinda envious ;P


Thank you! Its just years of practice :D


I can only imagine! =) I keep on threatening to finally start using the acrylics I bought years ago (I did do one (terrible) painting actually, but then got moving and so everything was packed and just haven't gotten to it again).
At least I can say I took up my digital art instead and have some experience in that now.


Well I'm still bad with acrylics I think. I haven't touched them in years. They dry way too fast for me. Watercolors and color pencils used to be really hard, but I started using them relatively recently and it's so much easier now :D Good quality of the materials also helps ^^

It's fun touring the imagination of others, especially through art. JC's pixel art contest is how I first came across your work here on Steemit. You contribute so much of yourself to the platform, even when you're making "short" posts. So thanks for making Steemit more dragon-ful, and thanks for acting with class and integrity.

And another sincere thank you for nominating me to participate. While I was definitely interested in making a get to know me post, I was also going through a down time this past week because of an unexpected death in my family. I attended the memorial service yesterday and am starting to feel a sense of closure now.

Keep an eye out for weekly enh #inktober this month. See you around, mi amiga :^]


I'm very sorry for your loss :(
I can't imagine and I hope things get better soon!
I'm looking forward to your inktobers! <3


Although the month started with tears, participating in Inktober is a reason to smile.

Thanks for being supportive . :^]

Love your work and different styles. Absolutely love the cute creatures you have talent creating. I too like creating dragons and trying different creative software/applications, although due to poor health,physical challenges and helping my ill parent I am not able to create long posts nor immerse myself as much into the different art or styles.


Thank you very much! And I'm very sorry to hear that, please take care of your health before you worry about other things. Also go with your own pace. Having one style is great, as you're more likely to be recognized by your style :)
I actuactually wanted to have one style but I gave up on that as that's much harder for me. Maybe because I still have a lot to learn ^^


I don’t think we ever stop learning. Thank you for your genuine concern over my health, well appreciated. :)

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I upvoted your post.

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Thanks! :)



Thanks! ^^

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

To me this is a Stellar post, I love everything about it. The Lamia starts off with such a cute face in the sketch it’s adorbs!


Thank you :D What do you mean Lamia?


Right, it’s a mermaid, thought it was one of these:


Cool thank you for sharing :D

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Thank you! :D