Arty the Courageous

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This is my pet dragon called Arty (Artemis). He is a positive courageous dragon that helped me through my art block and is helping me through my fear of failure. There are many more cool looking dragons but Arty doesn't care, he is unique and has fun with everything.

It all started with a happy accident, even though i didn't recognize it at first. While browsing pinterest I was inspired to scribble a few silly dragons. I wasn't planning to use them, but the next day I had an idea.

The thumbnail pose is inspired by Pascal from Tangled because of the huge eyes, round face and tiny hands.

I did the digital part while listening to Undertale soundtrack on repeat. It is extremely unique, ranging from cheerful to sad to energizing.

On a separate paper I attempted some watercolors,

I have a lot to learn, but getting started is the hard part. Afterwards it's hard to stop.

The watercolor image was interesting, but I felt that it would look better digitally.

This was my initial attempt. I usually work only on 1 pose until I am satisfied and have decided on the style. While experimenting I don't worry about the layer order or having anything organized.

If you have a printer you can print out a few copies of the drawing and easily experiment for colors with traditional mediums.


Create a digital outline > Lasso roughly the shapes > Fill a base color (here is blue) > add light preferably warmer colors on the focal points (here head and wings) > Mask outside the outline > Add texture on a new layer > Add shadows on a new layer and clip it to the base layer or use a mask > Add additional highlights with overlay or color dodge layer.

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What a cute dragon :)

Thank you! ^^

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What a cute dragon...thanks for sharing. following..

Thank you very much!
Your new bird drawing is beautiful, followed you as well ^^

Your dragon arty is so cute

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Wow. I love it kristy!

- Your SteemPH Family

Thank you :D

Your post about the dragon(s) is not only cute and adorable, but it is a sign of beauty in a child's heart. Upvoted and following!!

Thank you!

How to train your arty.




wow! :D that was really cute! i love arts! and i love this one! upvoted and following you now. <3

Thank you very much :D
Followed you back, your Koi fish photo is amazing, would love to see more :3

How cute! 😃 👌


Hey! Awesome walkthrough your creation! I'm also an artist and I really like to watch other artworks ;) Followed you so I can see more of Arty.

Thank you!
Welcome to steemit, Your first photograph from introduceyourself is stunning, you should definitely consider sharing more of those if you have :D

Nice drawings. :)

-keep it up..!

Thank you! And for resteeming :D

thank you for support

this is awesome
please check my post about art :)

Thank you ^^
I think you should try making more small drawing like this: , as it looks great and is more advanced than your others :D

Your dragon is extremely cute. You have put a lot of thought and energy into the different poses and expressions. Great work :)

Thank you!
I would love to do some concept art professionally some day, so learning to draw expressions and poses for 1 character is important. I also feel that it makes the character feel much more alive. :D

Good work! I like little dragon's colours! it seems a sort of Spyro's cousin :)

Thank you :D
I guess the colors remind of Spyro a bit xD
Otherwise Arty is a tiny cousin haha

Wow! You're so good. :D

Thank you! :D
Your photographs of new places are so interesting, especially the underwater ones. Will you be sharing more?

I absolutely love your dragons! You did a fantastic job on them.

Thank you very much! :D

Cute little fella. I love dragons too.

Thank you! ^-^

Go get the world little draggo

Thank you, you gave me an idea xD I should recreate the puss in the boots mesmerizing eyes from Shrek!

those are really good.
i don't have a pet dragon :p but i do love them. so i try to make sketch of them. i uploaded them.
it would mean a lot to me if you check them out... BTW they are not this much cute....
thank you for sharing.

Thank you ^^
Your new dragon looks nice and very shiny scales. You should just try to take better photos then the drawings will be more noticed :D
Wait for daylight and if you have camera with little megapixels take closer photos and combine them in the end for a sharper one. (that is little harder, so make sure you have 1 whole photo and put the sharper zoomed in part over it)

thanks a lot... i will do that the next time. :)

Interesting post i like greetings from @ abupasi.alachy

Thank you! :D

Welcome to Steemit.
Some tips: do not ask for upvotes on other's people's posts. Try not doing it and you will most likely get more votes. People will avoid you otherwise.
Also you should add a profile picture and a small description, otherwise you are not noticeable and no one knows what you post about.

Very nice your drawing.

Thank you! ^^

Wow! Amazing! Awesome. This is something great. How much time did you get to such perfection?

Thank you!
This still need a bit of clean up, but little mistakes are harder to see zoomed out. I have been doing digital art for almost 5 years now since I turned 18 (mostly pixel art), before that I did only traditional but my old painting are mostly bad photo copies.
Just get started and have fun with it, learn the rules after you're sure you like drawing :D

Nice post. Cool dragon! :)

Thank you! Arty is even happier :D

Very nice collection of art. And i admire your work. You have created such beautiful dragons , which are so cute. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you :)
Before I tried to mostly do cool dragons, even though deep inside I lovee overly cute as well :D

That dragon has a big potential for a comic for kids !

Thank you, I will definitely consider it :D
I have to really improve my storytelling skills tho. xD

Wow so beautiful😭😭😍 looks like a cute lil tiny Pokemon!!!!😳😘 you're the best! Keep it up and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Xoxo

Aww thank you! I just want to have motivation to draw whenever I choose, and to be more confident to draw what I want not because of others :)

Such a good mindset you have! You keep it up and you do you!💜💜

Welcome my friend nice post i am @djnoel i do mixes of house music,deep house afro house etc,Good luck over here ;)

Thank you, good luck to you as well.
I don't listen to house music. I mostly listen to game soundtracks, alternative rock and melodic metal :)

I Like the colors you chose - when he is red & blue. Also, I really enjoyed the EXPRESSIONS you gave the little guy.

You can feel his different emotions -- when he is startled/surprised, angry, happy -- or simply Staring straight ahead.

KEEP Up the good work

Thank you :D
For the colors I decided to use my favorites, the 2 that I find most pleasing and calming.
For emotions I looked at Pascal from Tangled movie for some reference, because I still have a lot to learn and practice.

Thanks for answering me. I Like to draw as well. Will likely post 1 of my drawings in the Fall.

Followed u, so I can see MORE of your journey. Perhaps you'd consider following me?

Send me a link when you post the art ^^
Then we can see about that follow :)

Cute dragon! Following you for more :)

Thank you! :D

That is so great!!

Thank you so much :D


so cute

I like his horn

and expressions

Followed :)

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it :)
I don't think I have seen minimalist photography before (only painting), you photo some very interesting compositions. The more I look at the photographs to more they are appealing and calming :D

In-fact Only Minimal for the last 4 years :D

Thank you very much

I only Shoot Minimalism ;)

Wow! What a cute dragon! Really love it miss @kristyglas 😊. Upvoted and resteemed. Please do check on my latest post. Thank you very much 😉.

Thank you! ^^ and for resteeming!
Your new dragon drawing is great, looking forward to more :D

Also in general if you use reference, you should post a link to the original :)

I'll take your advice miss @kristyglas 😊. Thank you very much 😊.

That's cute.. I wonder if could also draw as good as you.. If I were.
will you please teach me haha.

Thank you ^^ I will try to make more tutorials from time to time :D I usually start in similar way: with circles.
This was my first one:

i already followed you .. Lookingbforward