what you allow, will continue

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Scattered Thoughts

All of these are various emotions I often feel, and perhaps most importantly, words I have used to describe myself to others and in silence to myself. It recently occurred to me that I have in fact been bullying myself for quite sometime. What you allow, will continue, this is true of the way that you allow others to treat you, and also the way you treat yourself.

I would never say these type of negative things to anyone i love, and most of them are words I would not even speak to someone I dislike. I would be upset if anyone else said these things to me, so why am I allowing myself to talk about/to myself this way.

I often find that people put me on a pedestal, and I am terrified of falling from it. This leads me to have unrealistic expectations for myself, and results in me becoming increasingly unkind to myself when I don't meet these expectations. Some of these words (yes, even the negative ones) are absolutely true, but most of the negative ones are simply not. Perhaps, with time I will treat myself with more kindness and more respect. If you are being unkind to yourself,I highly suggest you make an effort to do the same

What you allow, will continue.

I hope you enjoy my first attempt at graphic design, I had fun with it.

I made this image using https://pixabay.com and https://pixlr.com/express/

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I'd LOVE to meet you!

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Much Love,


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"It recently occurred to me that I have in fact been bullying myself for quite sometime."

Wow. I hadn't thought of it like that, but this is something I've been doing too. Thanks for the insight!


most welcome, much love.

People are complex, we have so much feelings and thoughts, well that also makes us creative ;) like it X

Recognizing the problem is half the battle and creating your own inspirational art is a great idea. This stormy piece has awesome color... the sunshine and puppies are coming soon!


Otage, I adore you <3 you are on the list of my top 10 favorite steemians for sure :)


And you mine!

Someone wrote a super derogatory post about you with your picture. I wasn't sure how to let you know. It looks like it was maybe someone busted for plagerism. Anyway I flagged it but I thought you would want to know. Here is the link. Sorry this has nothing to do with your post. https://steemit.com/fuck/@minhazdipoti/fuck-you-bitch-krazy-kristna


Well. I guess the same troll hit up your post as well.


Thanks for the heads up, he is copy pasting and now he got his feelings hurt.

As hard as it sounds bullying yourself is not that strange, as human beings we have to learn not only to love others but to love ourselves too. Be kind to you, tell you something nice everyday. use a positive language on you and others. Everybody fails, everybody learn.

Try cannabis...you feel more better :D..

You show much promise for a first timer.
The key to being superb at any art is consistency.

If you want to ace graphic design, then you need to allocate time to it and practice everyday.

It'll be hard in the beginning, but it pays off eventually.

Good luck with your endeavors.
I'll be expecting more work from you.

We should freely express ourselves. If we care about what people think then its our fault. We are trying to chain our freedom down and that's so sad people live in captivity of others opinion.Anyway this might be off-topic but can you have a look at my post and suggest me some ideas i would be glad if you can check it out.

Nice post. Thanks for the insight. Quite informative.
Great job @krazykrista

I do that too, I am really harsh on myself if I make a mistake. More mercy needed! Great post.

You show great artistic promise for a first timer. I'm sure with time you'd become an expert. Cheers.

the work is beautiful and very professioanl, im glad for that sucess , could you tell me the secret of all thoese upvots thats really impressive , im having a hard start i need some encouragment and i belive in this beautiful community

Wow !!
Nice art.....
There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

good post, and you deserve the dream you want, sorry, I'm new in steemit, will you help to improve my ranking? thank you.


Fear of being alone and losing the "support" of my three best friends led me to allow them to abuse me. I knew in 2010 already that we've grown apart and that my personal convictions and values were starting to diametrically oppose theirs. I allowed this to go on for 8 years for fear of letting go. Attachment because of a long past shared history.

No use crying over spilt milk, but at least I will never make that mistake again. They are out of my life. It was a painful and ugly break-up, but I now feel as if I've broken out of a prison of my own making.

Don't make change too complicated, just begin.
What we allow is what will continue ,change what you allow

Become a buddhist, learn lovingkindness and practice it.

Im new here thankyou for following and upvote i follow and upvote too


When I was in grade school, I was so shy I had a stuttering problem. Your essay put me in mind of something my speech therapist used to tell me back then. I used to expect to be disliked, to not have the answer, or be clever enough. She told me I needed to value me. She explained how important it is to believe that even if I didn’t have the answer, it wasn’t because I wasn’t smart or capable; that it was okay NOT to have the answer to something I needed to learn. And, she explained that if someone didn’t like me, it didn’t mean that they determined my value. That was her recurring lesson for me in those years: We determine our own value to ourselves. Her oft repeated quote was: “Value you first, but be kind by valuing others."