In China, people will live in water pipes

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The trend of microdome the last ten years is becoming more popular. The new age of tiny urban homes has finally arrived.

Unexpected version of microdome was presented by James Law Cybertecture.

House House OPod Tube made of standard concrete pipe and is designed for young people who cannot afford to purchase housing in global cities.

Presented recently in Hong Kong, houses are made from former concrete water pipes with a diameter of 2.5 meters. Housing is designed for one or two people, the living area is about 93 square meters.

Inside provides the standard amenities, living room with sofa bed, mini-fridge, bathroom with shower and storage space for clothes and personal belongings.

According to project architect James Lowe, the idea of tiny homes in pipes can provide a practical solution for in search of a home young people and the city authorities who are fighting with the problem of overpopulation.

Despite the fact that design is not easy — about 22 tons each pipe, the installation does not require a lot of money and effort. The pipes are easily attached to each other, which reduces the cost of installation.



it's quite an interesting story; well read~

Is a great solution, not for everybody, for example for me, I could get an claustrophobia attack there, but I know a lot of people that could live there. Thank you for share it

Wow, amazing!
I think I feel tightness if I stay in water pipe.🤣

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