Macro elephant - new painting

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Macro elephant, acrylic, fineliners and oil on paper, 20 x 14 cm, 2018, Private collection.
Macro Elefant.jpg

Macro elefant - detail.jpg

Elefant - thx.jpg
Thanks everyone! <3


Really wonderful, Vesna ! I imagine the elephants in your world to have huge glorious golden wings, though they are land-based :D Love the details on the head of the elephant very much <3

Thanks again... I like it also, a kind with african mask with leaves antennas :)

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Thank you!

I like the layering of the planes that make up the composition. It is really quite nice. Do you have any process images or sketch drawings for it?

Thank you! :)
I rarely make sketches for my paintings. I have two process photos indirectly.

At the beginning I've played with acrylic
The last one here:

  1. Continue with fineliners:
    I didn't like the drawing, so I sanded most of it off and continued with oil paints. Sometimes it's harder for me to find the right form or composition. :)

Cute elephant, with wings? :D
Very creative Vesna. I love the blue colour and the red lined face :).

Thank youuu :-) yeah, he can fly :)

great post
very nice painting art

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Thank you!