Awesome Art by @kookyan

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Have you ever wondered how to make your Steemit posts more attractive and /or professional?

Of course, you have.

Sometimes simple and clean formatting will do the trick, but what if you wanted to give your blog a personality? That's easy to achieve with your writing style, of course, duhh. I don't like to write endless texts when it comes to posting. I feel like if someone really wants to read a long story that bad, they can read a book haha. Anyways, this is not what this post is about.

So, during the Promote Your Own Post last Sunday I got to meet one of the creative and talented Steemians @kookyan. She is from Venezuela and she's extremely good with Photoshop. She presented a post called [Open Commissions] Ilustration, Profile thing and MORE, ¡¡SBD special prices !!", well the name speaks for itself.

I thought, you know what, I want to support people on the platform, I should get a new signature image and a divider :D. So I did, I messaged her on Discord and vaguely described what I wanted to get because I didn't really have any clear idea, but we would talk back and forth all day and I was able to to point out what I liked and what I didn't like in the images and she would change that on the spot. A great person to work with and a talented artist.

So if you're still contemplating about adding a little art to your posts I highly recommend looking into @kookyan. The prices are more than affordable too, worry not!



The art work really looks good and this kind of image will surely provide your blog with a unique identity of its own.@kookyan is really one hell of a talent great work by her and your imagination

Thanks @prasasth! She's good for sure! Happy I met her!

That's awesome! I checked out her page and you are right, the prices are very affordable!
Thanks for sharing. I might be getting some art made.

Hell yeah! I'm thinking of getting some more illustrations of my cats haha, gathering some ideas right now :)

You make me blush!!.
and it was a real pleasure for me to make your commissions, you're a very tender and kind person.
basically every illustrator's dream client.

Aww! You're so nice @kookyan! It's a pleasure doing business with you!

Really cool art work.It looks good they did a good job with it.

an extraordinary art work,really good my friend,i have to learn a lot from you,success is always @kotturinn

Agreed, @kookyan made this art :)


Hello, your logo was spectacular, your kitten seems to be the financial head of that society..very beautiful !. I vote for you !. I humbly invite you to visit my profile and give me your support. Thank you.

Thank you, yes indeed my cat is very cryptocurrency oriented :D hahaha

WOWWW - that's such an amazing 'signature'! OMG - truly cool and awesome and brilliant :D I'm going to check out the artist right now! Enjoy your new look :-)

Thank you @soyrosa! She is great and you can talk to her throughout the entire process which is cool as hell! :)

Hahaha, I like the kitty. Though the rest is pretty awesome too! Good job!)

Thank you @santa-barbara :) that kitty IS good indeed, little cute one hahaha

i remember her from the whaleshares show a couple months ago as well! She had a very funny highvoiced pitch and already then I remember she was making super cool stuff..

I cant really seem to find the prizes of making an avatar, but your illustration is super cool... hmmmm maybe I still need to get one made

muchos gracias! lemme have a look!

You're very welcome!

How are you friend? I've always thought about how to make a little more color and emotion to the publications and how they do these drawings or types of signatures I think I'll go in and see how they do that and if they have good prices

Your caricature was very beautiful

Doing good, how're you?

Yeah, these are awesome for sure!

And that answers my question, right there! I was just looking at your strawberry ice cream post and wondered about the cool footer art... and there's my answer. I'll have to check out @kookyan; thanks for the "referral."


Oh yeah, she is an awesome artist, I was really happy with the way this illustration turned out, her prices are affordable as well, check her out! :)

That's some really nice artwork; really like the styling, and great expression on your cat's face! We certainly have no shortage of talented artists here on Steemit — gonna resteem this for a bit more exposure.

Thank you @reddragonfly, this is very nice of you :)

art can change the world to be beautiful.

For sure :) thanks!

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