Art shaming exchange @kommienezuspadt vs. @bryan-imhoff vs. artistchristian!

in art •  10 months ago

Good evening, Steemit! It’s already past my bedtime and I’ve been drawing all day. I’m going to have to make this a shorter post than usual, but I’ll leave you with some context for the artwork to follow.

A few weeks ago, I made an off the cuff comment to @bryan-imhoff that we should really start some sort of consequence, incentive program for our respective comic book projects. Shortly thereafter, @artistchristian added that he, too, would like more motivation in his comic and art endeavors. Thus began a more serious discussion about an “art shaming” initiative to ensure we get our shit done.

Tonight was the first of hopefully many of these exchanges. The idea is simple. On a given deadline […tonight], we’ll all share a page, character, script or something related to our comics. If someone shows up empty handed, it’ll cost that participant 25.000. Once upon a time, that would be a bummer, but even with tonight’s recent crash, we’re all familiar with the elation of STEEM hitting $8 […and we all know that is possible again].

I’m going to leave @bryan-imhoff and @artistchristian to share their entries. For me, this is the third page of my crypto/STEEM inspired comic project. My friend @allangraves just made his introduction post tonight, so you should all follow him. The characters in this page are based on him and his partner, @dressedtokillyou

I’ll elaborate on the characters, the world and the comic when I’m not so sleepy, but for now, this is my art shaming entry and I’m not ashamed, or out STEEM. Mission accomplished! I post daily. Blah, blah. Follow me. Have a great night!

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reminds me of my childhood

This "art shaming" initiative looks really effective. I'm also drawing my personal webcomic and keep the production going continuously is hard... I'm always full of excuses to delay it somehow :( Wish I could participate too if only I had more steems haha XD

This is soo cute <3

nice art...
it seems be a real..
i appricate your art..
thanks for sharing....
carry on dear

drawing comics is very good. I like it. we already day. and you of inspiration and success

this is a sweet comicphotography..i apricate this post.
upvote and resteem done...
thanks for sharing...

beautiful presentation

wow good art.

I definitely want to know more about these characters! Love comics! This is such a cool start to something so awesome!

the art was awesome. but the dialogues were good enough to spark curiosity into my head on whats going to happen next. i'll be around the corner waiting for you to upload another.

i do just photo-realistic drawings, comic drawings have always been hard for me

nicely done.

good art @kommienezuspadt i follow u please follow me @exchangetimes

this is a great comic presentation,i hope @artistchristian and @bryan-imoff share theirs too, its nice how you guys are trying to encourage yourselfs, i just checked out your pal @allengraves to give him a steemit welcome

Amazing work as usual,and so happy to see myself on it! And @dressedtokillyou too of course :)

I will update, as always, excellent work!

Interesting what they are doing, what I do not think is the cost to appear empty handed... wow

Lol at art-shaming. Seriously, one thing I learned about myself in creating Thunderbird and Kid is that I'm way more productive collaborating. I don't want to let the other person down and I get way more done. I have a solo project I'm working on too, but I'm several times more productive with Thunderbird and I think the other Thunderbird artist probably feels the same way. I'm just more willing to burn myself out and go the extra mile for the team.

I love the messy lines on their faces, they create interesting/unpolished effect. Also both of them seem slightly arrogant. I will look forward to find out more about their world :)

WUaoo .. Great I love them. I follow your art since I started. Faithful follower of you.

"Art shaming" HA! That's one hell of a way to keep each other accountable, and motivated, for that matter!
The page is looking great! Can't wait to hear more about all the characters.

Excellent drawing @kommienezuspadt I really like your drawings

Looks like shit just got real! It's on! 😊

Amazing art brother
Best paint