Moss or animal?

in #art4 years ago

Is it a stump overgrown with moss or is it really an animal? When you start looking at more than the obvious and see past the given forms, there is a world full of fantasy to discover. And when you start to see you can´t go back. Everything is alive, even an old overgrown stump.    

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The Swedish artist, Inger R, my mother, has begun to paint what she sees in the spare space of the form she finds in nature. 

The paintings are in watercolor. Here are two examples of how her walks in the forest look through her eyes.   

The pictures are posted with the artist's permission and we plan to present more paintings in the future.  

Hope you enjoy this artwork.


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That´s interesting. What kind of animal do you see?

Maybe, is that what you see?

Looks kinda like a sheep

Yes, thats what I see too :) Or maybe a goat?

In the last photo of the moss is very similar to the dog)

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