Heavy art, stone-zoo, part 1

in #art4 years ago

I would like to show what my mother and artist Inger R has for ongoing projects. In addition to painting imaginative interpretations of nature in watercolor, she paints with acrylic on rocks. The shape of the stone determines what it will turn in to, usually the stones become animals.   

The animals appear to be sculpted in clay, and it is hard to understand that there is a solid rock underneath the color.    

This is heavy art!   

I have photographed the rocks in its natural environment, hope you enjoy.

Rodents, painted with acrylic on stones.  

Click here for full size

Click here for full size

Click here for full size

Click here for full size

Camera: Nikon D80, nikkor 18-55 mm


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very beautiful stones-small animals)

Awwwww, so very cute! Love that she has used irregular shaped stones, that gives much more character to the animals than the round stones that are usually used for this kind of art.

They are pretty cute, right? Will add more of her works as she produces more, thank you for your response :)

Amazing photography @knackart

This so cute, and like a life,,
what kind of technique to make stone like this??

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