Recently I've been learning how to draw a human body

in #art2 years ago

Hello everyone! How are you doing?
Recently I've been learning how to draw poses, human anatomy etc. I still have A LOT to learn, but I think I'm on good track and you can expect some actual character design from me in near future :)

So even tho I'm still learning, I thought I'll show you some of the drawings I've done up to this point.
I first started with some quick tutorial from pinterest - it is good for a warmup and to get your hand used to drawing body flow.

As I said it's just for warmup - I wouldn't actually use it as a long term course, because drawing a body is not only about drawing lines exactly like on image. I will have to learn drawing different poses, perspectives, proportions and anatomy. So I started a Udemy course as well as some video tutorials found on the internet.p1.png

It was just a start which wasn't promising, but hey, I have just started learning, right? I've then decided to focus just on poses before continuing with theory on drawing muscles, hands, feet and face, because too much knowledge at once could overwhelm me.

I started by drawing a lot of quickposes with basic shapes (don't have an image of that as I forgot to save, sorry!), 10minutes for 10poses, without caring about any detail just to learn how to draw a body in different perspectives. I then watched few tutorials on drawing female body and started actual body drawing. I've found a nice website called where you can generate pose images - it's good to draw from real images, as it provides more uniqueness to your drawings and it's easier to track mistakes.


So far so good, but it will be a long road before I'll actually draw a full colored character. Until then I'll be posing regular drawings as before and maybe some more drawings from my learning process - will see.
Thank you all for coming by, have a nice day guys! :)


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I feel the erotic in the persons. Thank you for pointing, I am very enthusiastic about, I will try it too.

yes! you should definitely try it :D

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