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cover ok ak.jpg

Thank you for your attention and your visit all to @king-steemit account
Hopefully this becomes my motivation to be more creative again

The Following Are Some 3-Dimensional Images (3d), Starting At The Beginning To The Final Stage

ak 1.jpg

Design of step 1

ak 2.jpg

Design of step 2

ak 3 o.jpg

Design of step 3

ak 4.jpg

Design of step 4

ak 5.jpg

Design of step 5

ak 6.jpg

Design of step 6

ak 7.jpg

Design of step 7

ak 8.jpg

Design of step 8

ak 9.jpg

Design of step 9

ak 10.jpg

Design of step 10

render 1.jpg

Design of step 11

render 2.jpg

Design of step 12

render 3.jpg

Design of step 13

render 4.jpg

Design of step 14

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