Glad you like it! As always, I tried to keep it reasonably short, but I hope it all makes sense :-)

Btw... may I ask, where in Illinois do you live? I had a condo in Chicago for many years..

OK I have had more time to look into this and the links you provided. Fantastic stuff, very interesting. I can totally understand now how it changes the process, the 2nd photo labeled 2- Finished: brought it all together for me.

I am super impressed! I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like it nor have I ever heard of this technique. The fact that you have done such really cool artwork using this medium is really cool too. You have a lot to be proud of here.

Maybe this is for another post... But how did your father ever get graphite pencil to apply to glass?

I am bewildered once again... The more you learn, the less you know, I guess!

I spent lots of time in Chicago as a kid with my Grandma who was the first artist in my life. I have had lots of family live there. I work with a guy who grew up in Chicago too, so it is pretty common to run into folks from Chicago around here. We live about 3 hours West of Chicago in a small town of about 35k people right where the Rock River, meets the Mississippi River bordering Iowa. I have lived here my entire life, never really lived in any other cities.

How about you? What were you doing in Chicago at the time?

Thanks again for your kind words. Don't know, if you have any interest in following me, but I will show more detail and info on my work process with time.

I came to Chicago in the early 90s for.... yes, a woman. The age old story. We had a condo in a pretty cool building on Diversy avenue (not sure I spelt it right). The Brewster building is a Chicago landmark and I enjoyed living there. And to paint. Very inspiring environment.

Just from your short description, Rock River sounds like my kind of town. Not into the big city anymore. And the setting with the rivers sounds beautiful.

Of course, I followed you a couple of days ago!

I saw a post above about how do not wish to share the secret of getting graphite to stick to glass. No worries! I understand.

Thanks for understanding. :-)

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