WIP(work in progress) Halloween Painting by. Kid Darko

in art •  last year

CatBat Painting WIP (work in progress)
by. @kiddarko


This is an Original painting I recently started inspired by Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday & I always dress up. Also this is what got me into Cosplaying.

(Above) When I made it to this point in the painting I was done for the day. I took some time to reflect on the painting to decide what it was I did & didn't like about it. I decided the values were overall too light & there was too much overall color saturation.


Session two on this piece is complete. I darkened the values of the entire piece and change the shape of the pumpkin. I feel I'm getting close to the lighting I'm looking for in this piece.
I will post more updates as I progress on this piece as well as many other art pieces so follow my blog & don't miss an update!

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