Beautiful art alien beast (Original digitalart I post new creations daily)

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kgakakillerg original content

Good morning good afternoon good evening the crypto prices have been moving up nicely it's so good to see I've been dollar cost averaging for a while now and it's definitely paying off

We are living good everyday Is a good day and we got a big bit of luck with something i invested a while ago it paid off big time and it has nothing to do with crypto

Ok that's enough talking let's get straight into the digital art creations I created

So yesterday while I had some free time to sit down and get creative

I created these amazing creations from scratch and as usual I didn't use no photo manipulation no Ai and I didn't take no inspiration from anyone or anywhere

It's naming time 🤔💡🧐💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

I think I will call these creations Beautiful art alien beast

Now that is a fantastic name what's your thoughts on the name and would you call these creations something else

You can find one of my favourite versions at the top of this post

kgakakillerg original content

Here's the first version I created

kgakakillerg original content

Here's the second version I created

kgakakillerg original content

Here's the third and final version I created

Thank you so much for reading and viewing this post I really appreciate every single one of you ✌🏾👊🏾

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