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The inspiration for this pic came from reading about Elon Musk's Neuralink
venture which seeks to merge the human brain with AI.
There are many science fiction stories and a few movies which cover this topic
which I find fascinating.
The idea of enhancing our intelegence or downloading our selfs and becoming immortal
is exiting and bizarre.

This drawing was done with Faber-Castell pencils and charcoal.
A5 size.







Cool drawing! What do you think about what Musk said? Worried or excited about the idea? :D

I find most new tech exiting. Most of the science fiction I read seems to be warnings about tech which teaches us to be cautious about how we use emergent tech, we should have safe guards in place but also strive to develop.

I feel the same! Thanks for your reply :D

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omg thats amazing! great work dude!

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