Giving Back the Blessings to Badjao People Through Art

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Giving Back the Blessings

Last February 25, I and few artist friends including Perry Lequigan went to a Badjao community to have the art workshop with the kids. I proposed this project a month ago and with the help of @deveerei, @steemph, @steemph.davao, @dandalion, and many more. We gathered certain amount that is more than enough.


The art workshop is supposed to be done in Brgy. 11B but there were changes since the 11B got plans on the said date. So we found another recepient of the said help we promised. We found the Badjao community in Matina Aplaya Davao City. My friend Perry used to live in that community for 2yrs as missionary along with few pastors.

A poster Perry made

Badjao people are happy people. When we went there we didnt expect there would be a lot of them in that community yet they are organized and well disciplined people. Most of the kids are studying in the near schools.


Major Changes

There were a lot of Major changes with this art workshop. We did our best to buy as much art materials as we could for these kids to use. We find it real hard to talk to them due to dialect barrier. We dont speak Badjao dialect and we came to such idea to hand over the art materials to the studying badjao kids for them to use in school. We may not able to teach them art as we planned but we gave them something they could use in studying and we believe that is as relevant as teaching them art.


We also offered simple meals for everyone and treated the kids with flavor of the road ice cream. Here we can see them lining up and it shows how disciplined they are for following such simple instruction of lining up 😊


Pretty much everything turned out so well. Though we had a very hard time communicating to them verbally but I believe actions speaks louder than words. I can see the joy in their faces. Every hardwork paid off seing them happy of what was shared. We shared art and school materials, They shared happiness and hope more than money could ever give.


There are still certain amount of money left that we previously gathered and still I am looking for communities that has kids that needs art or support. I will be posting again for updates and I apologize for some confusing updates. Communicating with bigger community seems harder than it being planned. Nonetheless, I believe that the sole purpose is to help and give back the blessing by any means necessary.

Indeed steemit has been a very big help in making my artistic plans to be possible and of course with the help of great people.

Thanks everyone for dropping by

As always

Draw. Share. Inspire

I would like to thank these group and people, Please do support them as well:





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Wow steemians really have a great heart =)
God job guys.. I salute you for shafing your blessings to those who are in need..

Keep it up..


I'm telling you. This platform has helped a lot of people learn generosity.
The art of giving back and it's commendable


Ues i strongly agree with you @ubongj this platform really helps our community :)


Couldnt done it without the help of great people 😊


Thats right @kennik =)

This is a great program. Having the children create their own art, can boost their talent and confidence and making them away from bad things like doing drugs and many more bad things. Keep it up :) It's nice to see what you are doing. May God give you more blessings.


This is how I show gratitude to all the blessings. Thank you so much 😊

That's so so lovely...
It's a great thing when you give back to the community and promote steemit. That's really great.


Steemit helped a lot of people. Its about time to help promote steemit as well 😊

Wow! This is really amazing.

Thank you for sharing your steemit blessings to other people sir!

Keep inspiring!


couldn't done it without the help of great people 😊 thanks