Charcoal Drawing- "WATER"

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Hello Folks!!

Today i wanted to practice something that i do not normally do. As i told you in my previous posts i really like realism but above all the details and textures and something that i had not had the opportunity to draw is a stage, background or complement for the subject.
A background that helps me with my textures practices, in this case i chose the water because i have never been able to draw it.


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Although this illustration is a water practice, the face has a lot of emphasis and it is because the direct approach to the face and the defocusing of the sea gives it an incredible effect.

And take advantage of this as an advantage to draw the sea because it is not easy to draw a dough of water, so, the blur help me a lot and actually feel that it looks great.

As I did?

I will show step by step how i made this illustration, the materials i used and the techniques.

in advance i want to apologize for the quality of the photos, i was drawing at the beginning with the lamp on, i had not noticed the flash of my camera.

The Tools:

  • Mechanical Pencil.
  • HB, 5B, 8B Pencils.
  • Moldable Eraser.
  • Charcoal Pencil.
  • Difusser.
  • Brush.
  • A4 Opaline 300G.

  • I started making a drawing template with the HB pencil, very clear to not leave chews at the time of illustrating.

  • The first thing i wanted to illustrate was the dark parts of the sea, the shadows and reflections but i did not see the shape at the beginning, they seem like only a spot. Little by little it was taking shape.

  • With the brush and graphite powder i made some dark areas of the sea. I made them in this way to blur around the face.

  • I still saw patches without form and although I knew what I was doing I needed to illustrate the character before setting the stage.
    I do not know if this only happens to me or to all the artists but i did not find comfort in this illustration.

  • The way i illustrated the face was with the charcoal pencil for dark areas such as eyebrows and eyelashes.

  • For the skin i make a light layer of graphite with the HB pencil, then over this beginning to shade and give volume.

  • I dedicated myself to illustrate the face, to give volume making shadows according to the position and the light.

  • Then with the pencil of Charcoal i made the hair, doing stroke by stroke to shape and with the moldable eraser i gave it shine, illuminating some areas but without doing something without sense.

  • I finished the face covering some areas of the hair that seemed to have a lot of shine. Once finished, i began to shape the water that surrounds the girl.
    Using the charcoal pencil i made the darker reflections, with the pencil 5B and 8B some much clearer.

  • With the powder of graphite and the brush i made the reflections of the water out of focus and this thing did look much better now.
    This is something that i do not know if i only do it, but i almost use the graphite powder and the brush more than pencils, i think this is my personal brand and my style, i use a lot of graphite powder.

After some adjustments, look at it from afar and finally make sense of what i was doing this is the final art:



I was very satisfied with this work, the girl's face looks very good and although i still lack practice with water i think i'm on the right way.

Thank you very much for your support, for visiting my post and I hope you like this work. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome!

Until the next time!!



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Oh my!! I have watched a lot of gorgeous artwork in my curation activities for more than half a year, this is the first time I'm this much impressed by the beauty of a drawing... even my 3 y/o kid was amazed by your drawing, he asked my: "daddy why is that lady on the water so early in the morning" lol.

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It's a pleasure to be able to read this kind of thing, i'm glad that even your little son has been able to enjoy my work. Thank you!

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The face and the expression! incredible man. Congrats

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