T-Shirt project [my doodle]

in art •  11 months ago

Ok, so once I decided to make a Game of Thrones related t-shirt.


I really liked House Stark symbol, but couldn't use it because of copyright stuff and everything, so I made stylized rabbit head symbol instead... and played with it hard :)


This was my first t-shirt project and I even sent this pic to the woot!shirts website trying to make some bucks from it, but without any result :) So, I guess now this thing goes into my fun-but-not-really-successful projects list.

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It's brilliant!!! xD


We all appreciate you sharing your work with us on Steemit.

Steem on dude!

yh bro.. winter is coming and winter is here

are you a t-shirt designer? If you are a designer then please contact with me.. I want to design a t-shirt with my own picture :)

Looks pretty good though buddy !

the doodle on tshirt is so nice

who would not love to buy that its really amazing


wow that is looking really fantastic design

good design i like it

magical work super cool stuff :)

the rabbit head wow and that quote inside was more cooler

@keepdoodling wow my dear weary hams an

It didn't turn out the way you wanted. But hey, you now have a stylized rabbit to your artwork amd a post on streem to get you few bucks.

Your next project will turn in bucks.

I like your creativity

beautiful post with great doodle wow

Amazing doodle

what a great work for your project very nice :)

Astonishing work by you today love it resteemed

high quality design and logo for the work brilliant

i enjoyed this post so nice to see it :)