Girl [my doodle]

in art •  11 months ago

I'm slowly trying to get into crypto world, learn the ropes. Really interesting stuff, but took almost all my day... Two days in the row :)

So, all I could draw today is this girl face :)

Hope you like this little pic.

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hmm well that is a cute one i must say..

Simple and sweet.


Thanks, man! I like it too :)

nice one..she has a very firm look on her as if she is determined to do something :)

The picture is very cute sir.I like this pic.

the details in the eyes are very lovely and fantastic to watch nice :)

Amazing Art

Hope you have a better understanding of crypto now though! What have you been looking into?


I'm just trying to understand how to buy/sell coins, where should I look for prices and how everything works :) Bought a tiny amount of altcoins and watching them grow :)


Yeah cool! I am currently trading on Bittrex and I have a Ledger to store my coins in want to HODL. :)

so beautifully drawn looks amazing

that's a pretty girl :)
nice doodle

its a cute doodle again the girl is looking excellent

its really interesting and great to see your doodle work always :)

Amazing dear...Thanks for sharing it

nice work you did again no doubt you are the best

That's my girl i remember that song from fifth harmony lol :D
just kidding nice doodling

My 1st comment on your post.I like the look in her eyes.It is a very tight look.And she has a very cute look


Thank you!

the girl looking so lovely in that wow :)

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i seriously loved this girl face nice artist you are

Excellent doodle simple yet beautiful

creative art and girls always have some special things :)

The art work is small and looking cute though ;)
Nice one buddy !