Black mirror is out [my doodle]

in art •  last year

Just got back home from a little trip and found out that forth season of Black Mirror is out.

I watched all the seasons so far and I think it's a pretty good sci-fi tv show :) Each episode have its own story so you can watch it from a random place and still get it.

I recommend all steemians to check out 1st episode of the last (3rd) season at least. You'll know why.

I even made a fanart for that story :)

Oh, I hope 4th season is good! Can't wait to watch :)

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i love black mirror and what a great tribute to that with fan art : )

Just amazing wow you are a hard core fan of this :)

so awesome this is :D

i will check this out great recommendation wonderful doodle work

just awesom and unique thinking dear :D

the doodle work is simply on top class...

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the doodle work is just on top class

simply incredible the details are outstanding

I love the doodle. You are a talented artist.

awesome you love that too : )

great fan art you seem to be a huge fan

i have not watched it give it a try..hope it is good..thanks for the news anyway :)

oh that's very nice work in the form of doodle the fan art wow

oh yeah and the doodle is amazing :)

great.well done

Wonderful post sir.. upvote and resteem done...


Thanks again sir

awesome fan craftsmanship you appear to be an enormous fan...
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I can't wait too. I hope it will be as beautiful as the first season.

Just today I started watching new season and I gotta say, its weak. Its good, but some episodes in 1 and 2 were unforgettable. I watched only first 3 so far but.....they are lacking. I hope next episodes will be better.

My fav episodes:

  • Play test
  • San Junipero
  • White christmas

I adore the doodle. You are a gifted craftsman.

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