Mindless midnight doodle [my doodle]

in art •  last year

Another weird doodle made with my mind going blank... I think we got strange twisted sailor-parrot relationship in there :)

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Wow! Wow ! wonderful post and brilliant art photo. Tha2 for sharing.

fabulous one!!

what a creativity!!lol.

this is cool and sort of hilarious :)

nice doodle

Friends after a fight ??? ha ha I got such a feeling

Hhahah nice one!


Thanks! :)

hehe but looks quite awesome :D

Excellent art
This is really cool :)

You have creativity keep it up

that's great...

This is cool, high rated creativity, I've followed so I could see more of it. Thanks for sharing.

Hi friend this is good art and nice photo.so i following to you and i went chance my life.good information and good job.thanks @keepdoodling

no they are not mindless they are amazing doodles

oh doodle haha very nice one :)

wow the colors would add the perfect charm to it

ohh what they are thinking ...nice doodle art

the parrot looks really cute in the doodle

the sailor man story its really cool :)

i like this one hahaha very nice :)

awesome doodle work looking cool

its brilliant work there awesome

Well, if you haven't got a person to talk to, a parrot is also good hahaha.

Still it is indeed looking cool buddy !