Coloring Steemit Cat Halloween (Original Art By Kaylin)

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This is one of my drawings I did for a coloring book, But in this video I color him! Meet Steemit Cat! Hehe.
I'm still moving all my videos over from lame Youtube! I'm liking Dtube much better!
I hope you enjoyed this, I hope to practice coloring more things using;

  • My Wacom Cintiq
  • Clip Studio Paint.
    I'm not too experienced with color in general, Considering I've used Pencil and pens most of my life, But hope to try it out more.

▶️ DTube

Hahaha..steem cat ..kinda reminds me of Phoebe's song from Friends 😊😊

Aww Thanks :) It reminded me of video game music when I first heard it.

You are truly a versatile artist! Have you watched the series FRIENDS? I Know it's kinda old though.. :)

It’s an awesome vid! My sons are learning to draw and I think it’s a great way to learn from cool artists!
PS in my rant on DTube this morning I gave YouTube a new name - ScrewTube. I think it fits their agenda and methods much better!

WWWWOOOW! I love that name Screwtube heheh XD
It's so true!

I hope to do tutorials later if your sons want to learn hehe :) That might help!

I also thought ScrewTube was a pretty funny name :). Oh yes, please, do some tutorials! My boys would love them, I know :)

Funny cat 😆😍

welcome...Thanks for support

Creative! Steemit Cat and some ghost are also there .It is very well colored.

Thanks heheh :) I wanted to get in the Halloween spirit.

Great work well done
Keep it up

Cute steem cat, beautyful draw

Looks even better with the coloring then!

Thank you :)

I hope you were paid for advertising :)) @kaylinart

Nope :) But Steemit pays me in general so I'm more than happy to advertise for free hehe.

coloring is pretty good and pretty

Thank you hehe :)

Mohammed loved cats and reportedly his favorite cat, Muezza, was a tabby. Legend says that tabby cats have an “M” for Mohammed on top of their heads because Mohammad would often rest his hand on the cat’s head.

it's still a great video :)

Thank you :)

Is this your cat that's in the video

No I don't have a cat sadly hehe.

A beautiful girl like you must get a pretty cat

Aww Thank you :) I might one day.

Hahah steemit cat. It's beautiful. It's next Steemit lion (big cat :))))) @kaylinart

Well it's time somebody drew this lol and finally you did, it looks sweet.😀😀😀

I like to illustrate, you are incredible.

Amazing... I like it

I was also coloring my cat few days ago. It is on my blog as a giveaway, you can take a look and take part in it if you wish. It is a figurine of crypto kitty I made