Surrender To Nature... Pen On Paper! Holoz0r Contest

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When I thought of the theme, Surrender. It gave me a very "religious" vibe. Which wouldn't be appropriate because @lauralemons wasn't religious in any way! And neither am I.

With my dark Style. I decided to go with surrendering to nature.
Which is something that we will all have to do at some point. I wanted to go with pencil originally. But I switched to pen Because it allows me to give the darker tones and added mystery.

I tried to keep the below ground, A big freaking mess. Because ultimately thats what we become. An intact human being, into a mess of bones and organs that eventually fade away.

The Sketch


I Had a rough idea of what I wanted to put in the drawing. But I didn't have all the details in mind.

I love drawing in pen, Because it's delicate, It's unforgiving. But it can create lots of darkness, As it highlights the lighter spots. I use basic BIC pens, That we have all seen laying around.
The link is often uneven, As you can see in the top left corner.
I love the unevenness. It gives a nice texture on the surface of my toothy paper.


More Details





One of Laura's last pieces of art was this one...


Seem Familiar?

For the last 2 parts of the contest I wanted to add Laura in it somehow. By sneaking in little hints. But at the same time, Keeping my style intact.

First Part Of The Contest

The Theme was Darkness.
So I painted "My last Suicide Attempt #
Basically showing what my experience with that is. I tried to relate to Laura on that. On how she may of felt. When you want to die, Sometimes you become so absorbed in that idea, You forget everything else that is going for you.

Second Part Of The Contest

The Theme Was Hope.
" Hope For A Better Future #

I struggled with this one a lot.
But Ultimately I came up with this, When thinking about what it's like to be at "rock bottom". And you have no choice but to fight your way up.

Third Part Of The Contest

The Theme Was Surrender.
I decided to stay away from paints. Because it's not what I'm best at. And go back to pens. Which is my favorite medium.
"Surrender To Nature"

I miss you Laura!



All the entries this time round are so incredible, it is going to be very difficult for me to pick a winner.

Everyone has their entries in early, which gives me time to sit back and think about what's going to be crowned!

Thank you for your commitment to this contest and the excellent work that you've produced throughout it!

Right? You do have a tough decision lol

Before I announce the winner for this round (you guys are all winners in my books) - I'm going to post a piece that I've been working on - lingering on this theme of surrender.

Thanks for deciding to run the contest.
Her death was so unexpected, I think exploring it this way, knowing how others were affected; helps to move past it.
I'm going to change my avatar to something different once the contest is over.
There's a new year coming with new opportunities and challenges.
Time to start looking forward.

You have really captured the other side of her piece by using you I take it that is, and applying a similar theme along with the surrendering to nature aspect merging into it.

Really well done piece and I like it, a lot! Hehe :)

R.I.P Laura :( <3

Thank you Heheh I'm so glad that I was able to pull it off :)

You're welcome and so am I. You always do wonderful designs. :)

You are so talented, the third part is my favorite so far. Life just kind of feels like that some times. Like we're just lowly decaying and returning to where we came from. I'm so glad you took the time to do this contest. :)

Really? thank you hehe :) It does!! We will eventually end up back to nothingness. Kind of scary lol

Life implies death and death implies life. Maybe all endings are just new beginnings and nothing ever really "ends." I read your other post about your leg and I'm sorry you're still struggling. I think it shook a lot of us more than we realized. I actually had a dream a few nights ago about steemit people I don't get to talk to anymore. Stay strong and I hope your leg heals quickly. :)

Aww you did? Right? you don't expect something to cause you so much pain until it happens. Thank you! It will hopefully get better soon! And I've been doing my best to keep a positive mindset on everything.

There's a lot of detail that went into that picture. What caught my was the shading on the flowers. It may be black and white but there's so much definition in it.

Thank you :) It's one of my favorite things about pen.

Quite amazing! Lots of details and cool that you did this with a pen.

We do live with one foot in the present and one in the future. Things in us and in nature are always cycling between living and dying. Nice tribute to Laura too, and I also miss her.

It is a fitting tribute I think and another note showing how her presence (and loss) ripple. I really like the third one... I love pen-and-ink also.

Hey I absolutely love your artwork, I love to draw as well. I am new to steemit and would love to get into the art community and join in on some contests however I am not sure where to look.

Thank you :) Just keep your eye out everywhere! These contests are pretty constant.

I'll try! I posted my first drawing on here, but I have been looking for contests and such. I have no chance in winning if its one you are in, so I might want to stay away from you. LOL. But I will follow you!

Well you have some talent! It's a sad story, but the way you drew it is just amazing! Hope life will get better for you!

Thank you it has been! It just takes time.

Really glad to hear that!

Wow, you are truly skilled. Really love your style of drawing. It gives me dark and creppy vibes, very original! Have you ever thought of selling you work of art, because honestly I think they would sell for quite a bit.
Really enjoyed reading this post, I am eager to see your next work out art :D
R.I.P. Laura, I didn't know her but she seemed like a really nice woman.

This is amazingly done! I can't believe I missed this in my feed and had to catch it in a tweet. Thankful I did. Your work is so stunning. Keep it up! Regardless of the subject matter, I think you do wonderful work.

Plus art helps us exercise our demons right? Some part of our inner turmoil is released when we allow the energy to come out in a creative way. I hope you find that to be true. I know for me, writing is always a good release.

Wow your that is just awesome art!
I love the pic of theme 'surrender' and the sad reason behind this drawing...
Life goes on and has so much more to offer. So, see the good things and give your best.

Art can be an expression of your soul.
Thanks and keep on the great work :)

You never cease to amaze lady!
Would love it if you have my contest a spot this week.
Announced the special holiday challenge yesterday.
Give it a go.
Would be an honor to see an entry from you.

Beautiful drawing, @kaylinart
Also, some nice painting too. :)

I am glad you are artistic @kaylinart because my STICK MEN suck badly.......

Nice art good job.
Greetings @kaylinart

Really amazing art by a beautiful girl ! You are great artist my friend ! Keep going !!👍

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nice drawing @kaylinart. you rock. most people find it easier to draw with pencil

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This really is georgous. I know you aren't east coast @kaylinart but I'm Resteeming this anyway.
PS. This is @chelsea88 I run this account for curation of primarily US east coast Steemians. Hopeful for steemit meetups in the future as we all grow and connect.

Incredible work .... amazing talent !

Great Pictures :) you are talented
Thank you For Sharing Following you :)

Thank you :)

very creative, i like !!!

I like your work the ink gives a good contrast,

very good publication.

@kaylinart this is fantastic :) we are both gamers who share similar interests which makes this even more awesome.

I’m not much of an artist, myself, but I like what I’m seeing here!

This is beautiful. Resteemed and upped. I wish I had more power to up!

Beautiful artwork. A sad story. I wish you the best of life!

Nice works thank for sharing steps

really super & mind touch art like it

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