Steemit Anime Girl Pen Drawing! (KaylinArt Original)

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This cute anime girl has a little Steemit Clip In her hair! I am really having fun drawing stuff while incorporating the logo!

NEW Project

I'm also working on some Steemit Shirts right now! You'll will have lots of color choices! So be ready for some super amazing shirts!

Pre sketch

More detail in the hair @



Really awsome !! @kaylinart !!

I do drawing please follow me and give your feedback on my drawing works @prashanthak

Followed and upvoted you..!!
Thanks !!keep doing more !!

looks a little bit like a tattoo, sick.

Wow great idea heeheh!!

Great great art!!!


LOL thank you! And thats so true XD LOL

How can you produce such precise, marvelous, beautiful, amazing, creative and exquisite drawings everyday? :O
"Jeter des fleurs"
"to shower sb with compliments"

You know, @itchykitten shared a post from the introduceyourself tag earlier, and I said it was the best thing I'd ever seen on steemit. You just raised the bar for the second time today. One of my friends, @zombiegirl made a steem girl drawing too last week I think, all you drawing people get to do visually what I feel I do with words. This is seriously impressive.

Aww thank you I'll check out their posts as well :)

Good art work great achievements/ rewards!. Better things ahead dear. Keep it up

Wow that looks cool ! Kinda reminds me of attack on titan

let me know when those shirts are ready to go :)

I will :) I'll make a post hehe

really awesome drawing :)
thanks for sharing and enjoy your day! ;)

Wow !! Just amazing !!

It can be yes :)

Very fine details! Great touch adding STEEM to her hair! Always enjoy seeing your beautiful creations;).

Heheh you are so sweet! Thank you eheh :)

in the childhood watched this cartoon on the channel STN. lolx

What? I need to check heheh I am not sure what you are talking about.

@kaylinart my dear, i was talking about old cartoons on the channel STN, I FORGET that's CARTOONS but i hope you saw in your life too.

What a beautiful anime girl, besides the beautiful picture her girl was very pretty, I like to see it. Teach you how to make anime.

Thank you so much

Since I'm an anime lover, I like this very much senpai!

Thank you so much ehhe :)

Keep going, this is very nice work coming from you. I really like the style of your drawing. The steemit clip is a very nice touch :)

Wow really! hehe :) I want to do more steemit drawings. I'm hoping random people willl see them and think "What does that logo mean" and then they'll eventually find steemit.

This really good :) do you have any tips for learning to shade with pen, I've always wanted to draw in pen, just find it hard to commit to what im doing because I know I can't erase!

I always see you posts and upvote them but I don't usually comment. Just wanted to let you know you do great work. I love the pics of this drawing as it progressed. Resteemed because people who haven't seen your work need to. Keep it up.

Very nice drawing. Thanks for sharing kaylinart!

Ooo that's awesome! Can't wait to see how the steemit shirts turn out! :)

this is so well done! I like the fact that we can see the evolution of your drawing and we can tell that you have a lot of experience in drawing character so I would like to invite you to check my work and to give me any advice to improve my skills here is the link and I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Love your talent here!

THanks so much

These are beautiful kay. You are very talented.

Thank you ehehe :)

Your are an amazing artist. love it. @kaylinart

Thank you!!! Heheh

Very beautiful.You are very talented.

Thank you so much

Is it just a pen? Wow, that's quite good.

Keep it up, I'll be waiting for your next post.


Yes ! Hehe thank you : ) I'm glad you like it!

very nice, good job

Thank you so much :)

I really liked the picture+follow

Awesome drawing, I would love to be able to draw like that. Thanks for sharing.

Good idea. You used steem logo as ribbon on her. Cool.

@kaylinart you are too talented girl, share some talent with us 😄😅

Muy buen dibujo me gusto mucho @kaylinart .

Love it. Showed my wife and she gave me the idea to turn our kids into anime characters. You have brought inspiration!!

Omg even the pre sketch looks super good, why can't i draw like that? I love this drawing <3

Looks a bit like a cartoon girl from my youth. I believe is so cute :)

WOW! She kinda does hehe :)

Hi my friend. plz follow me :)

She's very cute, thanks 4 sharing the different stages!

No problem :)

Beautiful drawing. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing

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